nosurprisesDo you like surprises? Usually, I do. A real letter in the mail. Flowers from my husband just because. Occasionally, even the number on the scale is a good surprise.

I don’t like surprises about price, though, because they rarely go in the right direction. Sales offers are plastered everywhere—posters around a store, email marketing, social media—so discounts rarely go unnoticed. But if your dry cleaner decides to institute a price hike, you might not know until you’re at the register. It’s so irritating!

That’s why at Omnipress, it’s so important to us that our clients aren’t surprised by our pricing. We have an “open book” policy and do everything we can to communicate with our clients during the sales process. By being transparent and keeping in close touch, we are able to make sure the customer knows what to expect in terms of pricing and other expectations.

Unlike the restaurant I dined at last weekend. In general, I have no complaints about the meal. The jazz-age ambience was festive, the server was fast and courteous, my steak was tasty, and everyone in my party was having a splendid time. When we placed our orders, I made two simple requests. I ordered asparagus, with the hollandaise sauce on the side. I’m adverse to raw onions, so I asked that my salad be served without them.

After finishing our meals, we asked for the bill. My husband, who works with health care billing software, is interested in how items are broken down on a receipt. In looking it over, he chuckled and said, “Hey, Gina! You owe me a quarter.”

I looked at the bill and was shocked to see that my “no onion” request carried a charge of $0.25! The waitress had not mentioned this, and being that my steak cost over $35, the charge struck me as petty. Still, it’s silly to quibble over life’s little annoyances, so we paid the bill and went on our way. Nevertheless, it bothered me, in a principle-of-the-thing kind of way.

Avoid pricing surprises by partnering with a vendor partner you trust. In business, changes are more likely to be in the hundreds of dollars than the tens of cents, so consistency matters. Omnipress is so committed to this practice, it’s posted in a huge sign in the printing areaOUR PROMISE TO EVERY CUSTOMER – “NO SURPRISES AT THE END.”

Do you have a similar story? What the most outrageous thing you’ve ever been charged extra for? Share your story!


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