Dan's Corner with Director of Training and Publications Dan Loomis

Even if your event is still a ways off, members and potential attendees will want as much information about the sessions you have planned as you can provide. In addition to sheer curiosity, members are interested in session titles and speakers to begin planning.

Take this one step further and you’ll see the reason why Omnipress’ mobile conference app offers a personalized itinerary planner. Potential attendees can go beyond just reading about a session and planning to attend (in an abstract sense) to committing to a session, even if only to themselves.

The power of this intention should not be underestimated. In order for members to cross the line from reading about your conference to making plans to be there, something must tip the balance. It might be networking. It might be that the timing of the conference works well with a vacation opportunity. But it might also be that the sessions are so compelling that the cost, both monetary and time, is well worth it, considering the professional development potential.

When members start to build their own itinerary and hone their vision of what the event could really look like, excitement builds. This event is really going to help me learn more about X, the member will think. I can’t wait to hear Dr. B explain her views on Y. I’d better ask for time off to attend this conference; I need to be there.

Inspire your members’ “need to be there” feeling! Make sure your event website or mobile app includes not only program listings, but a personalized itinerary builder. When potential attendees can visualize being at your event, registration is just a small step away.

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