We’ve heard it time and again: Print is dead. No one buys paper books anymore. People live online, so there’s no value in printing continuing education training materials. Have you heard the death knell, too?

What do you think? It’s easy for us, as provider of (among other products and services) printed educational materials for training and events, to take the position that there is much to be gained from reading physical books. But we’re not alone.

According to a study out earlier this month from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, consumers are buying paper books and digital books almost equally ($29.20 annually on paper books vs. $30.18 on eBooks).

According to an article on Vox.com, there are some important differences among age groups. Younger “boomers” (ages 55-64), for example, spend three times as much on paper books as those under 25 do ($40.28 and $12.56, respectively).

Add this to the long list of reasons that print is, in fact, still relevant to your learners of all ages. Ask the next 20 people you see whether they prefer print or digital educational and professional materials and you’re likely to get a mixed bag—some want only print, some use digital exclusively, and some (perhaps most) call on different resources for different circumstances.

To be most valuable to the most learners, your continuing education training content should be available however your learners may choose to consume it. So go right ahead and offer content online; many learners will appreciate the opportunity to review content before the course and refer to it on the go.

Be careful not to count print out too soon, though. It’s far from dead, and many of your learners will find a printed course book or manual to be a vital source for learning, in and outside of the classroom.

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