We refer to print on demand often as a smart choice for associations that manage the production and distribution of continuing education materials. But what does that mean, exactly? Why is print on demand (POD) a better choice for associations like yours than traditional print runs?

The basic idea behind POD is this: books are printed as they are ordered. This is the opposite of the standard practice of printing hundreds or thousands of books and waiting for orders to come in. Sometimes print on demand is associated with independent publishers, like little-known authors who are determined to get their books in the hands of readers, even if they have to take on the task themselves.

POD is often misunderstood as an inferior way to produce printed materials; maybe this connection with independent authors has colored your view of print on demand as a business practice.

Nowadays the print quality is virtually indistinguishable between large print runs and POD; this prejudice is outdated. POD’s bad rap is unearned, or at the very least, no longer based in fact.

Your association is a different animal than a wet-behind-the-ears author who is just trying to gain exposure. Your goal is different: you want to bring timely, relevant content to learners. To accomplish this, it’s best to avoid printing more course books than you need.

Moreover, POD is a good business decision for associations that run continuing education (CE) programs. Many associations update their materials frequently, so printing hundreds of books that could become outdated (and therefore more or less useless) doesn’t make sense. POD is a smart choice to mitigate the risk that larger print runs bring.

Omnipress customer (ISC)2 switched to a POD model, which eliminated the need to print, ship, and store materials around the globe. This led to a cost savings of 60%!

To read the complete (ISC)2 story, download the case study! If your association could stand to save money on print and fulfillment of your CE printed materials, Omnipress can help! Reach out to us to learn more.

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