You know your learners want to be able to access your association’s training materials online. If it will help them more actively engage in the courses, and improve retention, you’re all for it … in theory.

In practice, though, you have some reservations. You wonder if putting your content online will make it vulnerable to unauthorized use. Are your training materials safe online? Will classmates share resources and diminish the value of the materials by making them available—to each other and, even more upsetting, to non-members—for free?

Another valid reservation might come to mind: Making your association’s training materials available online sounds like a lot of work.

Never fear! Omnipress can help you with both of these issues, removing the barriers from providing your learners the online access they crave.

To discourage unauthorized sharing, copying and printing by non-members or non-participants in the class, we offer two levels of protection:

Watermarking adds a digital “stamp” to your online resources when the file is downloaded, including date, time and username. The file clearly belongs to the user who accessed it. That user is less likely to share the training materials, lest it appear that they have given away something that was so obviously meant for them and them alone. In this case, peer pressure works!

Digital rights management (DRM) is an additional layer of protection that’s seen as more stringent—but also more disruptive—than watermarking. If a single user wants to access the same materials on two devices (say, an office computer and a tablet), DRM can cause usability problems that aren’t normally seen with watermarking. If that extra padlock makes you feel more comfortable making your association’s materials available online, though, it may be worth it to meet the demands of your learners.

As for the second reservation—that putting your training materials online sounds like a lot of work—we have good news. It doesn’t have to be! When you work with Omnipress for both print and online, we can streamline the process of setting up your digital publishing platform. You’ll work with a dedicated project manager who will help you through the process. They will know your association and its unique needs, making it that much simpler to provide your valuable training materials in both formats so members can choose how to consume the content.

Learners get access to training materials on the go, you get a better experience managing training content and instructors get participants who come to class ready to engage. When you offer your CE training content online, everyone wins!

Contact us to take the next step toward offering your training content online. You’ll see how easy it is to work with one vendor for print and online materials and give your digital content an additional layer of protection.

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