Last week on the blog, we explained why Omnipress is the right choice for corporate training companies. Did you know that Omnipress has already worked with many companies in this category?

We are happy to count small publishers like Gravitas Publications and Carden Educational Foundation among our clients. Dr. Rebecca Keller, CEO and Founder of Gravitas Publications, discusses her science textbooks, Real Science-4-Kids, and working with Omnipress in two episodes of Omnipress’ Training and Development Talk podcast:

Real Science-4-Kids Outsourcing Case Study with guest Dr. Rebecca Keller
Print Books Build Better Brains

For additional information on how Omnipress helped Gravitas Publications flourish, read the case study!

Other companies, like Vital Learning, also fit into the corporate training category. Any company that provides training materials can find a partner in Omnipress.

After all, many of the same principals apply to providing training materials for associations and for corporations and small publishers:

  • Print on demand makes sense for companies that experience frequent content changes.
  • Finishing options, including many types of binding and indexing, are available.
  • Order fulfillment is best performed by a provider with experience dealing with international shipping. Training materials can be sent anywhere in the world.
  • Online access to materials can be handled under the same roof as print and fulfillment. Students appreciate having additional avenues to information.
  • Inventory management, done in conjunction with order fulfillment and printing, saves time and frustration.

As you can see, Omnipress has experience with producing, delivering, and managing corporate training materials. We would like more, though—we want to help other small publishers and corporate training companies fulfill their educational missions.

Can you think of a company that could benefit from Omnipress print, fulfillment, and inventory management services for training materials? Contact us today!

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