Is this the right year to put your conference content online? All signs point to yes. Attendees count on technology to make their professional lives easier. Tap into that instinct and offer online access to your conference content. Here are three reasons to take your content online:

  1. Attendees can download and read papers before the conference. This allows the most motivated of your members to come to your annual meeting prepared and ready to learn.
  2. They can also research after the meeting. If an attendee takes in a session and leaves fascinated, eager to learn more, they can take a deeper dive into the research back at the office after the conference is over.
  3. Your association can forgo an app. If you must choose between offering a conference app and online conference materials, the responsive design of the website (which makes for easier viewing on mobile devices) paired with the features outlined below make a compelling case for choosing to go online. Omnipress’ content websites include schedule information, speaker bios and note-taking options, so it’s not a stretch to contend that having the website in place can effectively replace an app. However, if your budget allows, it’s a good idea to offer both an app and online conference materials.

Now that you have a good idea why online content is important, think about what makes for a better user experience. Your attendees will appreciate the helpful features Omnipress’ content websites provide.

  1. Multiple indexes allow attendees to view your conference schedule in different ways to help them find the sessions that best fit their needs.
    • Author index helps attendees find sessions by presenter name. Bios and links to session descriptions can be found here, as well.
    • A chronological schedule is a helpful tool to help attendees avoid double-booking themselves.
    • Paper titles, which may differ from the name of a session, can help people find the research they want to see presented.
    • Session listing gives a full alphabetical list of the oral presentations scheduled for the annual meeting.
    • Track listings are often based on job title or specialty. This index can help attendees find the sessions most relevant to them or interesting subjects in a slightly different realm.
  2. Robust search means attendees can find the information they need quickly and easily.
    • Full-text search goes far beyond the average keyword search, delving into the papers themselves, not just the metadata provided.
    • Faceted search helps attendees filter down to the topics that interest them.
  3. Responsive design allows attendees to view conference materials on any device.
  4. Paper display lets the content shine within your conference site—no downloading required.
  5. Content capabilities are nearly limitless! Some resources, like videos and webinars, work better on a conference content website than they would in a printed program or even a conference app.

Help your attendees connect with your conference content before, during, and after your annual meeting: Add online conference materials to your list this year.

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