Whether you sell your content or give it away, you need to measure and evaluate how your audience uses your content.

Almost everything you offer to your members, books, CDs, downloadable content, emails or just web pages can easily be tracked (open rates, visits, how long the reader spends on your site and if your audience shares the resources). You can even monitor your social web presence to see how your audience responds to your content.

  • Do you know what content is important to members?
  • Do you know the hot topics they are talking about?

Having a content distribution strategy is important, but having a process for measuring the data and making decisions is even more important.

How will you measure the use of your content? And, are you using that information to make decisions?

This is an article series based on the book that established the criteria to measure an association’s success,
7 Measures of Success: What Remarkable Associations Do That Others Do Not

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