Earlier this year I wrote a list of online community do’s and don’ts for vendors and exhibitors who want to get involved via social media. The key we mention over and over again is that an exhibitor has to become an authentic, living, breathing, listening part of a community, not just a broadcaster from the sidelines. I’ve tried to practice what we’ve been preaching, and I regularly join chats on Twitter to discuss important issues in the association and meeting communities.

One of my favorite chats (#eventprofs: Tuesdays 9-10 am and Thursday 12-1 pm Eastern) recently discussed the ways exhibitors could participate in social media for an event, and I found myself sharing the ways we participate at the 10+ events Omnipress exhibits at every year.

In true Twitter form (less than 140 characters each)…

Here Are My Top Six Ways Exhibitors Can Use social media:

  1. Spend time in breakout sessions to learn about the industry, then blog and tweet to bring awareness to the event itself.
  2. Blog and tweet about tools your company will offer that will solve attendees’ problems.
  3. Blog, tweet or survey to discover what problems or solutions attendees want to learn from you on site.
  4. Follow hashtags and community members to catch top trends and discover who’s attending (that’s called listening, by the way).
  5. Build relationships with attendees and others well before the event so they retweet and post your information.
  6. When you’re at the event, tweet and blog about visitors to your booth – what their challenges are and how you helped.

And speaking of listening… your turn!

What are the ways you like to see exhibitors involved in an event?

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