Moving more content online is on every association’s strategy plan. And who isn’t trying to find new revenue sources, improve membership experience and be more findable?

Most associations have online Content Management Systems (CMS) for their main websites or conference sites, and try to push as much content into these systems as possible. Unfortunately, most CMS’ are not designed to act as publishing engines for large collections of content, nor do they allow for
controlling access to content.

So what do you need to put your content online? … ALBUM! (No, I’m not talking about vinyl.)

Publishing Your Content Online with ALBUM:

A – Access Control: This could be the most costly aspect of managing content, but it’s crucial. You need to ensure you have a system than can expose your rich content to the world, yet still offer you the ability to control access. This opens up opportunities to increase revenue and protect member benefits. Additionally, this allows you to create offers and sell your content in the ways users want to consume it.

L – Large Collections of Content: You need a system that allows you to quickly load and manage hundreds if not thousands of files… AND in a cost-effective way.

B – Branding: Content is YOUR asset… and the world should know. Bringing valuable assets to the members and non-members under your brand strengthens your organization as the place to go for information.

U – User and Staff Experience: For the reader, it’s important to make your content easy-to-use and accessible on different devices such as tablets, smartphones as well as desktop computers. For your staff, make sure you’re hosting a solution that isn’t a burden to support. If you need your IT Manager to support the site, then your system is too complex. And if your system frustrates your visitors, they’ll leave!

M – Measure: Measuring performance is the key to success… And doing so in a way that is understandable and actionable is key.

Bottom Line: There is no greater opportunity for associations to grow than to better leverage and extract value from their educational content! Just remember: When publishing content online, make sure you have your “ALBUM” because the right tool at the right time (and with the right components) can make all the difference.

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