It is widely believed, and popularized by author and happiness guru Gretchen Rubin, that outer order can lead to a feeling of inner calm. When your physical space looks and feels organized, it’s easier to be more focused and productive.

Think about the places you spend most of your time. Mentally walk through your day and determine which spaces could use some deliberate tidying. I bet you can name ten areas of “outer clutter” you can name off the top of your head. (No judgment—I’m right there with you!)

What spaces did you come up with? Was it your kitchen fridge? Your bedroom closet? Your garage? (It’s possible that I’m projecting here!)

How about at work? Are your desk drawers disorganized? Is the office fridge packed with leftovers everyone has forgotten to eat? Maybe some light spring cleaning is in order.

Or did you name the boxes of course books, office supplies, and learning guides piled up in a spare office, waiting for you and your staff to create kits and send them out to instructors? Clear the clutter out of that room—for good—with help from Omnipress!

Not only are the books, pens, and exams an eyesore, but the process of creating custom kits, shipping them out to instructors, and managing inventory are tasks that clutter up your workday. Clear your mind and your office space. Trust Omnipress to handle fulfillment—including custom kitting—on your behalf.

The Omnipress team is ready and willing to take this task off of your plate so you can reallocate your time and office space to more mission-centric work.

You can use that office to create an informal meeting place and/or use some of the time you’ll save to create a system to keep your office kitchen clean and organized. I wish you luck!

Contact us to get help with your spring cleaning. Print, fulfillment, inventory, and kitting of your continuing education training materials only, please. We don’t do windows!

To learn more about how we can make it easier to produce and deliver your training materials, read our white paper Simplifying with an All-in-One Partner.

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