Every spring, professional baseball players come out of hibernation (or, wherever they spend the off-season) and head to a sunny locale to whip themselves back into shape. Even the most dedicated athlete on the team likely has a few cobwebs to shake off his technique, and spring training is the time and place to get it done.

What does this have to do with your continuing education program? Spring can be a time to refresh and reinvent for you, too. Take a close look at your course books. Are they looking a little tired? Is it time to whip them back into shape?

Rebranding your continuing education materials is easier than you think. Half the battle is making the decision to do it and finding the right provider to guide you through the transition.

The National Retail Federation Foundation (NRFF) gave their materials a fresh face, with revised, streamlined content and a new look. The new course books are a big hit with instructors and helped the staff feel more comfortable marketing the program.

Looking for similar results with your materials? Read NRFF’s story, and if you’re ready to take your course books through spring training, give us a call!

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