When it comes to branding, consistency and frequency are keys to success. Your brand is featured prominently on all of your event content, including your printed program, your mobile event app and your website. At your annual conference, your brand isn’t hard to find. Attendees see it on everything from room signs to goody bags.

Another way you can extend your brand is to include a giveaway in that goody bag that contains the conference’s content. Something small and portable, but valuable enough not to lose track of in the shuffle. A branded USB fits the bill nicely.

Besides fulfilling an attendee’s frenzied need for free stuff, a USB pre-loaded with your conference’s content is a valuable resource that attendees will appreciate and return to again and again.

Why? Because a USB is the perfect compromise between print and digital distribution of content.

  • More portable than print … but not dependent on internet connectivity.
  • Searchable like a website … but less vulnerable to sharing and copying.
  • Easy to access without an internet connection … but complete with an online companion site.

Some associations are thinking outside the box with clever, custom USBs that make a great impression. Sure, they’re a little kitschy and they do cost more, but novelty can work in your favor. If your association is in the medical field and you offer attendees a USB that looks like a syringe or a capsule, you’re bound to illicit a reaction. Many other options are also available, including:

  • Veterinary: Dog bone
  • Education: Apple
  • Music: Cello
  • Legal: Gavel
  • Financial: Gold bar

How you offer your conference content to attendees depends on your goals, your budget and your members’ preferences. If you want to strengthen your brand and offer a valuable takeaway that will keep your association top of mind, USBs could be the right choice.

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