One Simple Way to Give Your Twitter Chat Legs – Market the Repurposed Chat Summary

Twitter chats are an excellent source of content to repurpose. You get a few to dozens of people participating and sharing resources and ideas on typically a narrow topic. The conversation ebbs and flows, but there are usually good nuggets of information that can and should be pulled out and shared.

It’s fairly easy and takes less than two hours to write a short summary (blog article) of the chat – Highlighting and giving credit to those participants because people like to see their names in articles. It makes them feel important. Then you post this somewhere (your blog, in your community, etc.).

Big secret point: Promote your written chat summary with your upcoming chat details.

Here’s why:

  • Those who attend and participate will appreciate the summary.
  • It makes the article easy to “tweet” or “”share” by anyone.
  • It provides prospective lurkers or participants an opportunity to see what they might get out of the hour chat before investing their time.
  • You build a knowledge center.

As we continue to expand on our content marketing, we thought the Omnipress Engage365 knowledge community was a good place to start. Since the end of 2010, it’s become standard practice for our #engage365 chats.

Here’s an example: Boost Business Engagement – Create a Movement

How are you giving your Twitter chat legs?

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