Got a Fall Conference? Count on Omnipress to Handle Your Last-Minute Needs!

Does your association hold a fall conference? We have found that October and November are among the busiest months for annual meetings, though many take place in September as well.

So, not to bring up a sore subject, but how is it going putting together conference content for the fall meeting? Do you have a printer set up? Are you planning to give away USBs, but haven’t chosen a vendor yet? Are you going to offer an app this year?

I’m sure you need no reminder that this is crunch time. What I’d like to offer is a solution to your conference content woes: a company of people who work as hard as you do.

Omnipress turns around projects so fast, you’ll wonder why you ever chose a different provider. We can’t make any promises until we hear the details of your situation, but if you need it yesterday, odds are that Omnipress can make it happen.

What do we do especially fast? So glad you asked!

  • Conference printing: Got print-ready PDFs of your conference materials? We can get them on press and out the door to your meeting site in days. Let us show you where quality and quickness intersect.
  • USBs & CDs: Our duplication software makes quick work of creating physical digital goods for your meeting’s goodie bag. Reach out to us today to get the ball rolling!
  • Conference apps: Our proposal cites a lead time of 4-6 weeks for apps, but we’ve been known to get them ready faster, if we expedite the approval process. If you are looking to add an app this year but fear it’s too late, give us a call. There may still be time to get it done for you, to your attendees’ delight.

Online conference materials and abstract management usually require longer lead times. You’re probably all set for them this year, if you used them.

But what about next year? If Omnipress customer service and responsiveness impressed you on a fall conference program, just imagine how easy the whole process could be if you worked with us from start to finish.

If your conference is right around the corner and you need help ASAP, consider Omnipress your saving grace. We have served other associations that were under tight deadlines and surpassed their expectations.

We would love to do the same for you.


On Second Thought: Reconsidering USBs & CDs

You know the basics of giving your attendees a USB or CD filled with conference content. Providing a useful giveaway that spurs learning and deeper engagement with the content shows that your association is committed to member education. Attendees appreciate the ability to access digital content, even when WiFi is spotty or expensive, as it so often is at convention centers and hotels.

You know how important it is that a USB or CD be well-organized and easy to navigate. Robust search capabilities make it easy for attendees to find the files they need.

You may even know that several options are available for USBs, including a pen-style version and several custom options, like an ear of corn, a tube of lipstick, and even a slap-band bracelet. Many packing options are available, like inserts to a 3-ring binder to deliver CDs and a plastic case to protect a USB.

A CD or USB filled with conference content also extends your brand. The logo of your association and/or the annual meeting can be printed on the CD or USB, reminding attendees of your association and its educational benefits every time they use it.

Besides all of these advantages to using physical digital media for your conference, many of which you may already know, there’s one more great reason to add a CD or USB to your conference content planning—a companion website comes with it!

The same search capabilities your attendees enjoyed offline can be used online when internet access is reliable. The format and structure of the companion site looks and feels like the navigation of the USB or CD, which helps attendees bridge the gap between the two.

You know a lot about offering USBs and CDs to your conference attendees, but when was the last time you considered doing it? Maybe it’s time to rethink physical digital media as a viable and valuable choice for your association’s conference content.

No WiFi? No Problem—Your Attendees Are Covered

How reliable do you expect the WiFi will be at the venue for your association’s next annual meeting? No matter what the event coordinator tells you, the likelihood of you not getting any complaints from attendees is close to zero.

Attendees will want to read abstracts and papers while they’re onsite, though, and unreliable WiFi at the venue shouldn’t stop them from doing that. Printed programs are a good alternative. But some attendees are starting to insist on digital resources. What’s a conference planner to do?

Physical digital mediaCDs, DVDs and USBs—provide electronic access to conference content and don’t rely on internet connectivity. If an attendee wants to read a paper in advance of tomorrow morning’s keynote but doesn’t want to spring for (frightfully expensive) in-room internet access in their hotel room, a USB drive is the perfect digital alternative to providing online access to conference content.

Conference apps are perfect for many attendee needs—easy access to a personalized itinerary, GPS-enabled maps to help them get around and connections with other attendees, exhibitors and association staff. But reading technical papers on a small screen, while doable in a pinch, isn’t exactly an optimal experience. In fact, any of the other options—USBs, CDs, online conference materials or print—would work better than an app for reading abstracts.

When you think through the attendee’s typical conference experience, the need for physical digital media becomes abundantly clear. CDs, DVDs and USBs offer useful features, like advanced search capabilities, that make them enviable giveaways. Add to that the valuable branding opportunity and you’ve got a winning combination of swag and content delivery that resonates with attendees.

To keep your message consistent across platforms, you can add a companion site to your CD, DVD or USB. When attendees return from your annual meeting, they can access your conference content online from their office desktop and review abstracts and papers to their hearts’ content.

Consider all aspects of your attendees’ conference experience when you think about how to deliver your conference content. Give them as many avenues to the content as you can, keeping in mind that internet access may be spotty at best. Remember the joy of getting a freebie that you’d actually use again, like CDs and USBs. Any method of getting your association’s conference content to attendees is a worthy investment.

Choose CDs & USBs for Easy Content Delivery

Physical digital products like CDs and USBs can function as useful takeaways from your conference and also offer quality data with search functionality, branding opportunities and various content options.

These features will serve attendees well, but what do associations get out of offering CDs and USBs?

The answer: A quick and easy method of delivering content to attendees. For example:

  • On-demand replication: Order only the quantity you need, from just a few to a few thousand.
  • Fast turnaround: Count on us to design, replicate and deliver your CDs or USBs when you need them.
  • Full-color printing: Offer beautiful, branded CDs and USBs to stay top of attendees’ minds.
  • Responsive service: Reach out to Omnipress with any concerns and we will respond quickly and efficiently to make sure your order is done to your satisfaction.
  • Guaranteed delivery: Rely on Omnipress for on-time delivery for your event. We won’t let you down.
  • Single-source convenience: Take the hassle out of event content. Work with Omnipress for abstract collection and all of your content outputs: print, event websites, mobile event apps, and CDs/USBs. Using one end-to-end solution for event content simplifies your life.

Attendees like tangible items to take away from events. Event planners like you appreciate a quick and easy solution to content delivery. With physical digital products from Omnipress, everyone gets what they want!

Three Conference Materials You Don’t Want to Ditch

During these times where laptops have replaced our desktop computers and iPhones make iPods useless items we once obsessed over, I think we’d all agree that keeping up with technology can be an exhausting, never-ending chase. Maybe this is a good time to stop chasing our shiny, new technologies, and think about what we shouldn’t be so quick to toss in the trash.

In the conference realm, more and more planners are posting their conference materials online creating a place where content is more accessible and findable for attendees. This is fantastic, but before jumping on the bandwagon, don’t forget about these useful conference materials that you may want to keep around. (AND when you’re through, make sure and check out these nine considerations to make before posting your conference materials online.)

Three conference materials you don’t want to ditch:

  1. Learning Journals/Conference Notebooks: Attendees appreciate having one place where they can take their personal and session notes, and find out where their next session is located. In a perfectly green world, we would all have paperless conferences, but let’s be serious, attendees still love these learning journals. Plus, there are definitely ways to spice up the ol’ conference notebook. Check out how ACVS combined their conference final program with a conference notebook (AND increased their ad sales doing it). With a conference notebook those problems involving internet access and battery life are out the window.
  2. Flash Drives: While flash drives are not used much anymore in everyday life, they work very well for conferences and meetings. With CD-ROM drives disappearing from laptops and $50 per user Wi-Fi at convention centers, flash drives are a great way to deliver content and have a little more control over access. By making all your content available on a conference website (even when password protected), people are still able to share passwords with each other. Sure, information on a flash drive can still be copied, but it’s definitely a lot more work than sharing a nine character password.
  3. CD-ROMS: Yes, I prefer to listen to my music via my iPhone versus a CD, but when it comes to conferences, CD-ROMS can be a great way to share a lot of information at a very low cost. Once again, worries regarding the internet and battery life are non-existent.

Ask yourself: What’s the most important part of your conference? Did you say the “The Attendees”? Regardless of your concerns to go green, be online, or cut costs… It’s all about creating the best experience for your attendees. Listen to them, give them what they want. If they want to take notes by hand, give them a learning journal. If they want to be able to access information without having to go on the internet, give it to them.

Your best option as a meeting planner is to give them options. By giving attendees their conference materials in multiple formats, they can choose what works best for them.

What’s your conference material “cocktail”?

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