New Product Preview: Power+ USB™


This month, I am very excited to unveil a new, Omnipress-exclusive product: the Power+ USB™. Just as the name implies, it combines USB flash storage and a mobile device charger into one, making it a valuable giveaway item for your attendees.

As a company that serves meeting planners, we attend a significant number of meetings ourselves. Two of the more popular and well-received giveaway items we would commonly see at conferences are USB flash drives and portable power banks. Recently, however, we have noticed an increase in the number of organizers, sponsors and exhibitors who are giving away both items. In fact, back here at the office, some of our own customers are doing the same. Which got us thinking…

Power+ USB™

Omnipress was founded on a culture of innovation, providing services that meeting organizers so desperately needed, but weren’t widely available at that time. Back then, we were pretty much the only printer who could receive hundreds and thousands of abstracts and papers as disparate content, collate and format them into a book of proceedings, and print and ship to the conference both cost-efficiently and within incredibly tight timeframes. How did we do this? We re-configured the standard printing process and developed proprietary equipment that didn’t exist at that time. Fast forward to today, we continue to look for opportunities to help meeting planners in ways that no one else is. Whether through CATALYST®, our newest online abstract management system, or the Power+ USB.

When we noticed an opportunity to potentially combine two very popular products into one, we started by doing our research and quickly found there really weren’t any widely available. And those few we did find were cost prohibitive. So we set out to create our own.

More than just an impressive giveaway or sponsor opportunity, the Power+ USB is a convenient way to distribute your conference content to attendees. With a web-like interface, attendees can browse by content track, schedule or author, or search by specific keyword to continue the learning long after the conference ends.

If you’re interested in seeing a sample before your next conference, let us know. In the meantime, we’ll keep looking for new and innovative ways to help you “Deliver Your Content. Deliver Your Value.”

3 Myth-Busting Facts to Challenge How you Think About USB Drives


Ah… trusty USB drives. A conference staple for oh-so-many years now. Having used them for so long, you may not think there is anything new to learn when it comes to what they have to offer. And you may be right… unless… what if everything you THOUGHT you knew about them was a myth?!

That’s right–there are some common misconceptions about USB drives and the value they provide. In an effort to set the record straight, here are three areas where common knowledge is not necessarily based in fact.


Myth #1: USBs are nothing more than PDF files on a flash drive

Fact: USB drives can be programmed to function like an offline website

USB drives are more than a convenient way to store files. Putting your conference content on a USB means that your attendees will have access to your valuable materials through a familiar, web-like interface.

And, just as your attendees would expect from a well-designed website, the materials included on USB drives are searchable by keyword. This allows quick access to all the handouts, papers and abstracts from your conference long after your final session.

Myth #2: USB drives do not make for interesting giveaways for conference attendees

Fact: USB drives come in a dizzying array of styles that can add a fun and memorable element to your welcome kit

The standard USB drive is no longer the only game in town. Including a USB drive in a slap bracelet, pen or business card are sure to not only get your drive noticed, but used. Heck, you can even find USB drives on the end of working flashlights now (a giveaway that’s sure to light up your attendees’ faces with a smile)!

Being a member of your association is a point of pride for members. So, branding the case of a USB drive with your logo makes it an instant value-added take-home piece for your attendees. It also serves as a physical reminder of the value they receive from your association and conference.

Myth #3: USBs are good for distributing files but provide little other value

Fact: The web-like interface on a USB creates additional opportunities to reinforce your conference branding and generate revenue through sponsorships

The branding potential of a USB does not stop on the outside of the device. Having a web-like interface means that the same branding opportunities that exist on your conference website extend to the USB interface, as well. A customized USB interface can act as an extension of your conference website and gives you another outlet to showcase the materials you created for the conference.

Similar to your conference website, the interface of a USB drive provides space for advertisements. Take advantage of this unique ability to communicate exclusively to your conference attendees! Leverage cross-promotional opportunities by using this area of the interface to advertise other events or materials that your association offers.

And, just like traditional banner ads, you can use these areas of the interface to serve as revenue generators. Sponsors will be interested in the opportunity to advertise their relevant offerings to a well-defined target audience. Offer specific pricing for ads that are included on the USB drive, or bundle them along with your other conference sponsorship opportunities. This creates an additional incentive for sponsors to support your conference.


Conference attendees have been receiving USB drives for years. What started as a way to allow access to conference materials without having to rely on spotty or expensive Wi-Fi at the conference location has turned into an integral part of the way conference content is delivered. The familiar web-like interface combined with robust search capabilities provides easy access to your valuable materials from anywhere a computer can be used.

The sheer variety of USB styles that are available now means your conference has an affordable way to present conference attendees with a unique reminder of your conference, and the quality materials they receive as a result of attending. And with the opportunity to brand the drive inside and out, a USB drive remains a valuable way for your association to increase your brand recognition and stay top of mind all year long.

Choose CDs & USBs for Easy Content Delivery

Physical digital products like CDs and USBs can function as useful takeaways from your conference and also offer quality data with search functionality, branding opportunities and various content options.

These features will serve attendees well, but what do associations get out of offering CDs and USBs?

The answer: A quick and easy method of delivering content to attendees. For example:

  • On-demand replication: Order only the quantity you need, from just a few to a few thousand.
  • Fast turnaround: Count on us to design, replicate and deliver your CDs or USBs when you need them.
  • Full-color printing: Offer beautiful, branded CDs and USBs to stay top of attendees’ minds.
  • Responsive service: Reach out to Omnipress with any concerns and we will respond quickly and efficiently to make sure your order is done to your satisfaction.
  • Guaranteed delivery: Rely on Omnipress for on-time delivery for your event. We won’t let you down.
  • Single-source convenience: Take the hassle out of event content. Work with Omnipress for abstract collection and all of your content outputs: print, event websites, mobile event apps, and CDs/USBs. Using one end-to-end solution for event content simplifies your life.

Attendees like tangible items to take away from events. Event planners like you appreciate a quick and easy solution to content delivery. With physical digital products from Omnipress, everyone gets what they want!

Omnipress Celebrates Continuing Legal Education with NABE Sponsorship

For over 25 years, Omnipress has been helping legal and bar associations collect, produce and deliver program books, meeting syllabi, case reports and continuing legal education seminar materials in print, on flash drives and online. Omnipress announced yesterday that they are returning to the National Association of Bar Executives’ Midyear Meeting as a second year sponsor.

“Our extensive history working with bar associations nationwide on both conference and CLE-related materials has provides us unique insight into the specific needs and challenges for bar executives,” states Tracy Gundert, COO of Omnipress. “We are especially excited to talk with executives about our new mobile event apps and online collection services which can save both time and money for busy staff members.”

Read the Official Press Release.

continuing legal education

Educational Meeting Content: What Hundreds of Associations Are Doing

As a partner to hundreds of associations providing content collection and delivery solutions for educational events, we’ve got a pretty good pulse on things. This isn’t meant to be the perfect “what to expect list in 2011”, but when I asked our representatives what their clients were doing in 2010 and looking to overcome in 2011, this is what they told me.

  1. Conference materials on flash drives – Although CDs are less expensive, providing attendees with flash drives for educational content is on the rise. Here’s why: (a) you can lock the handouts and educational content to the drive which for medical groups is an important thing, (b) users can take notes directly on the drives, (c) many netbook computers don’t come with CD drives, (d) it’s something their sponsors find value in, and (e) wi-fi is not always reliable or available to access the handouts online.
  2. A better system for collecting files – A lot of organizations have had to cut staff over the past few years. This meant doing more with less people. When push comes to shove, there is less time to deal with inadequate online systems for collecting and managing abstracts, papers and reviewers. Organizations seem to want a very customizable system with someone on the other end of the phone who can be their right hand man. Hiring more staff wasn’t allowed, but finding a company who could do both (provide the system and helpful staff) was attractive to them.
  3. More engaging event web sites – The news must finally be sinking in. Boring, flat, one dimensional event web sites are out. Organizations need to attract more people and engage their attendees. Adding social sharing widgets, an online community and a design makeover are just a few things on their list in addition to better meetings and sessions.
  4. Post-conference content strategies – Associations collect and share a ton of knowledge at events, but for years have not been doing much with that content after the event other than dumping the PDFs in the corner of their web site. Creating knowledge centers, communities and a constant flow of educational content keeps attendees connected and brings awareness to their organizations. Being findable (to the search engines) seems to be more important than just allowing event attendees the ability to see the content has greater long-term value.
  5. Streaming event sessions to their members – The concept of “hybrid meetings” quickly surfaced to the top as a means for bringing the event to a remote audience. The big question is how to pull this off. Do you stream everything? What can you afford? Do you charge for the content? 2011 will be a year of figuring this out for many organizations. Many organizations record all their content, but haven’t figured out to make it valuable which leads back to point number four above.
  6. Outsourcing layout, design, etc. – It’s not the printing or online hosting that costs money, it’s the time of taking the content from the presenters and organizing it into something useful and engaging. And most associations don’t have that staff or knowledge to do this well. So many of our clients look for partners to help them with program layout and create fresh designs and user-friendly interfaces for their content.
  7. Providing choice of medium to attendees – By adding a few options to the registration form (e.g., [ ] receive the printed handouts – add $20), event organizers can give attendees what they want. They then provide the orders back to the company producing the materials to quickly turn it around. One hurdle to this approach is time to prepare the content (see #6 above) in the multiple formats.
  8. A desire for mobile access – Our clients realize that a majority of their meeting delegates carry iPhones, Droids or other smart phones. Accessing the event program and even the session materials and resources has value. We have some clients starting to add QR codes to their printed materials that links directly to specific content online.

Tell me what you think

  • How are you managing your education event content?
  • Are you maximizing it’s value?
  • How does your “short on time and staff affect achieving your objectives?
  • Does your audience appreciate it?
  • What can you do effectively inhouse vs outsource?
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