Promote Your Event With Conference Content Marketing


Whether it’s before, during or after your event, social media is a great tool to use to promote your conference and engage attendees. And one of the most effective ways to grab your followers’ attention is with your existing conference materials. These research findings, conference schedules, presentations, speaker announcements, etc. provide the perfect preview of what your event offers.

But when it comes to sharing your content, not all social media sites are created equal.

Twitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn each excel at promoting your event in different ways. So, before you implement your conference content marketing plan, it’s important to know which sites are best suited for each type of content.

Take a look at the infographic below to see which social media networks are the best match for each type of conference-specific content. And be sure to read the whitepaper Promote Your Event With Conference Content Marketing for actionable ideas on how you can use social media to attract attendees to your next event!


Infographic-Promote Your Event with Conference Content Marketing

Promote Your Event With Conference Content Marketing Infographic

Not all social media networks are alike! Twitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn each excel at promoting your event in different ways.

  • Twitter: Real-time updates and interaction. A network designed for immediate feedback, Twitter is the perfect choice for conversations around events and news.
  • Snapchat: Reach younger members. Connect with the next generation of professionals on the platform they prefer.
  • LinkedIn Advertising: Expand your network to others in your industry. Targeted advertising allows your messages to reach industry professionals that have not yet followed your page.

Choose the right type of conference content for each social media network

  • Twitter: Speaker Announcements, Interesting Quotes, Polls
  • Snapchat: Event prep photos, Geofiltered Images, Videos of the event
  • LinkedIn Ads: Research from past events, News articles, Infographics from conference materials

650% Higher Engagement For Posts That Include Images Than Text Alone (source:

Try These Ideas To Add A Visual Element To Your Conference Content.

  • Call For Papers Announcement Banner
  • Research-Based Infographic
  • Promotional Images For Program Tracks
  • Behind The Scenes Planning Photos

Content Marketing in Disguise: Leverage your Association’s Events

Your association thrives at events, providing a forum for thought leadership in your field and networking among your members. But there’s a way to make your events even more successful: Change the way you think about them. Treat your events like content.


In reading Mykel Nahorniak’s 8 Ways to Transform Events into Powerful Content Marketing, published on the Content Marketing Institute’s site, I was struck by the elegant simplicity of his idea. Nahorniak posited that organizations can optimize an event’s impact by strategizing and leveraging it, as they would any other piece of content. Promote it relentlessly, push it out to social media frequently, send email announcements and reminders periodically, and keep SEO in mind when event listings are written.

People remember in-person events they attended much more than they remember online content they simply skimmed. Once. Two years ago. Transform your events into consumable, memorable content your members will use, retain, and reflect on fondly for years to come.

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