Add Value to Your Event with a Lead Retrieval App


Increase the value of your event for exhibitors, sponsors and attendees—and generate some new revenue for yourself in the process. Attendify’s mobile event app—which works seamlessly with our CATALYST Abstract management system—now offers integrated lead retrieval, making it super simple for your exhibitors to build relationships with the attendees at your event.

Event professionals are always looking for opportunities to generate additional conference revenue, and lead retrieval is a convenience that exhibitors and sponsors are willing to pay for. If you’ve ever watched an exhibitor struggle to jot down notes after a conversation with an attendee, you know the value a lead retrieval app provides.

Social Lead Retrieval

Scribbling on the back of a business card is the old-tech way of collecting information from event participants. With the Attendify app, exhibitors can use their own mobile phone to scan an attendee’s QR code. Contact information about the lead is available immediately, along with access to view the attendee’s activity stream posts. Exhibitors can also contact leads directly through the app to schedule follow up appointments.

Real-Time Engagement Data

During the event, an analytics dashboard helps you ensure that exhibitors use the app effectively. Lead generation data is available to monitor performance and see which exhibitors are successfully adding leads. These real-time insights are available on your existing device and don’t require adding additional hardware.

Using a lead retrieval app allows exhibitors to use their in-person conversations to build more meaningful engagement with attendees, knowing that details like contact information will be automatically synced to their device.

Providing an easy way for exhibitors to retrieve attendee data is becoming a must-have feature for an event app, similar to the way that attendees expect a mobile app to provide a schedule of the event. To learn more about pricing and the other benefits of offering your exhibitors an integrated lead retrieval app, check out the information on Attendify’s page.

Have you ever offered automated lead retrieval at your events in the past? What other ways are you using technology to create more value for your exhibitors and sponsors? Let us know in the comments below.

Two Birds, One Stone: Conference App Edition

One of your association’s main objectives for its annual meeting is attendee engagement. A conference should motivate and reenergize your membership. You want them to go back to their jobs with renewed vigor, new ideas, and more contacts to add to their mental Rolodexes.

Another practical takeaway for association staff is honest, useful feedback. Sometimes surveys fulfill this goal well, but often, comments are either banal (and therefore, not particularly helpful) or vitriolic, which leads you to consider the source and wonder if the outrage was truly justified.

A fully-featured conference app can help to foster both engagement and feedback with one nifty tool: live polling.

Real-time results are always compelling. In this age of immediate gratification, there’s something addictive about seeing your vote take effect and change the outcome, right now.

You don’t get that from the voting booth on Election Day, or even when you call in to support your favorite contestant on American Idol. This build-up of excitement checks the engagement button.

When you invite attendees to participate in polling via your conference app, you give them an opportunity to submit feedback easily—and in a limited capacity. Polls are multiple choice, so there’s no room for tirades.

The answers can be as basic or as creative as you want them to be; you are in the driver’s seat. Post-session surveys can capture the vibe from a particular speaker on a specific subject.

The polling questions you send out to attendees who downloaded the app concern the conference as a whole, which is good information you can use to plan next year’s meeting. Feedback: check!

Encourage both feedback and engagement with live polling. Experience it in action by downloading our demo conference app (Apple, Android) and taking it for a test drive. Got some feedback of your own to share? Let us know!

Visit Omnipress at ASAE Tech!

Next week, Omnipress will exhibit at ASAE’s Technology Conference & Expo. The event, which will take place December 15-17, is held at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland. Steve Manicor, Vice President of Business Development, and Sean Lawler, Product Director – Digital Services, will represent Omnipress.

We invite you to stop by booth 200 next week to speak with Steve and Sean. (For the schedule, including expo hours, click here.) In addition to be great conversations and free white papers, the Omnipress team will be providing fun giveaways, like all-in-one tools and portable phone chargers.

Come to booth 200 with questions about your association content delivery, whether you’re interested in digital or analog products. You can talk to Steve and Sean about:

  • Online abstract collection & speaker management: It all starts with collection. With our system, it’s easy to submit, review, and manage submissions. Moving forward to content outputs is streamlined when you begin with collection.
  • Online event services: Offer attendees the opportunity to connect with your event content where they already spend so much of their time—online.
  • Mobile event apps: The vast majority of your attendees carry smartphones or tablets. Make sure your association has some of the valuable real estate available, in the palms of your attendees’ hands.
  • Scientific posters: Omnipress can collect and print your posters, as well as provide online access to attendees and members.
  • Conference printing: Kick it old-school with a printed program. Surveys have shown that attendees of all ages appreciate reading educational materials in print.
  • CDs/USBs: Physical digital media helps associations—and attendees—bridge the gap between print and online resources. Besides, who doesn’t like a useful giveaway?
  • Anything else event content delivery that’s been on your mind!

Keep an eye on our Twitter feed for posts during ASAE Tech, a.k.a. #tech14. We hope to see you there!

Hey, We Do That!: A Response to “Managing Meeting Content”

Earlier this month, Samantha Whitehorne penned an excellent article, posted to the blog Associations Now, an online publication of The American Society for Association Executives. In Managing Meeting Content, Whitehorne reflected on event content. How can associations better leverage the vast amount of content created for an event? Could the answer lie in the mobile apps many associations use for these events, that are often used for just a month and then deleted?

It’s worth considering. In fact, it may qualify as a no-brainer that has been long overlooked.

And who can blame busy association professionals for that? After a conference that they’ve spent months planning every aspect of, meeting planners are ready to call it good and move on. But washing your hands clean of a recent event—even a very successful one—means limiting the potential of the excellent content created for the event.

With these issues in mind, Omnipress has created its new EventCMS, a suite of services that helps associations leverage the strategic value of event content before, during, and after the conference or meeting.

The EventCMS has you covered, no matter how you plan to distribute content, including:

Enjoy the convenience of a complete event content solution! Imagine how easy it is to contact just one vendor to help you solve all the challenges you face as you decide how to deliver event information.

Commenters on Whitehorne’s post agreed that when mobile apps lie dormant between the end of one year’s conference and the beginning of registration for the next, it’s a missed opportunity. That’s true—with an app, you have an audience that is already interested in what you do and the experiences and information you offer.

Capitalize on this attention by keeping information active and new content coming. Get members excited for next year: Announce speakers as you book them. Promote sponsors from the time they sign up. Who says you have to wait for the event to start or for the programs to be printed? Each new nugget of information about Your Conference 2014 will build excitement.

One commenter offered a caution, suggesting a strategic approach to content distribution between conferences. There’s a thin line between providing useful information and essentially spamming members with too much marketing, too often.

Point taken. There must be some thought behind what is added and how often. Still, it’s hard to look at this opportunity to engage members and hold it at arm’s length for fear of coming on too strong. There’s too much potential for great gains and bringing true, lasting value to association members.

Keep an eye on the blog for the next few weeks. We’ll address other topics related to the new EventCMS suite of services. In the meantime, we welcome your comments!

Is Your Annual Conference Fulfilling Your Attendees’ Needs?

Conference attendees expect a lot out of your association’s annual event, don’t they? So, how do you make sure you are not only meeting your attendees’ expectations, but exceeding them?

If you took a Psych 101 class back in college, I’m sure you learned about Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs” theory states that human motivation is based on individuals seeking fulfillment and change through personal growth. Further, Maslow explained that an individual could not achieve needs at the top of the hierarchy before meeting the basic needs at the bottom of the hierarchy.

As a meeting professional, you understand planning an annual conference is about more than booking a venue and choosing a caterer. It’s about creating an experience where industry professionals can take away vast knowledge from experts to share with and improve their organizations.

Conference Attendees’ Hierarchy of Needs

Here’s how Maslow would explain how to create the full attendee experience at your annual meeting:

Hierarchy of conference attendee needs

5 Steps to Fulfilling Your Attendees’ Hierarchy of Needs

Step 1: Physiological

This is the no-brainer. In order to meet your attendees’ most basic needs, you need to provide food, beverage and rest. Food and beverage can be taken care of by booking a caterer, but are your conference sessions scheduled back-to-back? Make sure you add 15-minute breaks throughout the day to allow conference attendees to get a drink of water, recharge their brains or use the restroom without having to miss out on speaker presentations!

Step 2: Safety

Again, this is a meeting planning basic. You need to provide a shelter for your annual conference to give your attendees a sense of safety and well-being. Choosing a safe venue with nearby lodging for overnight stays in critical. And, as you know, holding your actual conference at a hotel where attendees can stay ensures their ultimate comfort and safety.

Step 3: Belonging

Once the basic needs are met, it’s important to fulfill your attendees’ social needs. One of the main reasons attendees go to your annual meeting is to network with other industry professionals, so make sure you are scheduling plenty of networking time!

Step 4: Esteem

Next, you need to make sure attendees feel confident, accomplished and respected. You should always be looking for opportunities to allow attendees to contribute to your conference. Sessions should consist of two-way conversations between the speakers and attendees. They should engage with games, surveys and break-out sessions. Your conference should also have an active Twitter hashtag for the event along with an event mobile app to get attendees to participate and contribute virtually.

Step 5: Self-Actualization

Are you providing your attendees with innovative ideas and knowledge that they can bring back and implement in their organizations? The knowledge doesn’t end when the conference does, which is exactly why your session handouts, recorded sessions and conference proceedings need to be made available in a digital publishing platform. If attendees can access conference materials online year-round, they are more likely to implement what they learned. By providing innovative ideas that advance their organizations, attendees will reach the ultimate self-actualization.


How is your association making sure you are fulfilling all the needs of your conference attendees? Let us know in the comments section below!

5 Resources to Prepare for the Mobile Technology Takeover

tips for mobile appsAccording to Morgan Stanley Research, by 2014 Mobile Internet usage will surpass desktop Internet usage.

Is your association ready for the mobile takeover?

Don’t worry; there’s still time to prepare.

5 Must Read Resources on Mobile Technology

  1. [Infographic] Mobile Content: Usage and Expectations
    Get the facts on mobile content: What’s happening now and what’s going to happen in the future.
  2. Mobile Technology and Associations – Still Confused?
    Does your association want to embrace mobile technology, but just not sure how? You’re not alone; many associations are still scratching their chins. Here are four things we DO know about mobile technology.
  3. Going Mobile: Websites and Apps
    Did you know more people own a mobile phone than own a toothbrush? Despite the disturbing nature of this fact, we cannot question the importance of making sure the content on your association website or in your digital publishing platform is mobile-friendly.
  4. 5 Reasons to Build a Mobile App
    Need a reason to justify building a mobile app? We’ll give you five.
  5. The Attendee Addiction to Smartphones and Mobile Apps
    Are your annual meeting attendees more focused on their smartphones than your keynote speaker? Learn how to turn this problem into a solution!

Do you know of more helpful mobile resources? Please share in our comments section below!

The Attendee Addiction to Smartphones and Mobile Apps

Are your attendees constantly checking their iPhones during conference sessions?

Don’t worry. They aren’t bored or trying to be disrespectful to your speakers. It simply an uncontrollable impulse!

A 2011 study featured in the journal of Personal and Ubiquitous Computing shows the average person checks their phone 34 times a day. These checks are not out of necessity, but because they’ve developed “checking habits” where they need to repetitively check email and mobile apps like Facebook. The authors say people like the positive feeling of importance that is associated with a new email or update.

So, how do you compete with your attendees’ uncontrollable checking habits?

Well, you know what they say, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!

Go Mobile with Event Mobile Apps

If you can’t take attendees’ attention off of their phones, then bring your conference where their attention is… their mobile apps! Mobile Apps for events are becoming an increasingly popular way for meeting organizers to keep their conferences and meetings interactive, innovative and engaging.

5 Reasons Mobile Apps Improve Your Events

  1. Attendees stay informed. A mobile app is a great place to post important event information such as location changes, sponsor deadlines and schedule updates. You can even include a RSS feed to your association blog to keep attendees updated on the latest event news.
  2. Your association generates more revenue. By creating an event mobile app you are also creating more sponsorship opportunities! If you’re including an exhibitor listing on your mobile app, you could offer “premier logo placement” where exhibitors could pay a fee to have their logo featured at the top. You could also encourage local restaurants and hotels to include sponsorship ads as well.
  3. Attendees can personalize their conference experience. Attendees should be able to create a profile on your conference mobile app with contact information and messaging capabilities. Many event mobile apps allow attendees to create a personal itinerary including the sessions they plan on attending, and connect with other individuals who plan on attending those sessions as well.
  4. You create a more engaging conference and increase networking. By allowing attendees, speakers and sponsors to create profiles, they are able to easily connect before the conference which leads to greater engagement at the actual event. In addition, you can increase social engagement by sharing Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn feeds on your mobile app. Many conference apps have even enabled live polling/surveying and discussion boards to keep attendees engaged during sessions.
  5. It’s easier to measure conference success. Analytics can be integrated into your mobile app so you can gain insights to attendee’ preferences and behaviors year round. This is yet another great way to measure access to your association content; providing a more accurate measure of your ROI.

What are some of the best event mobile apps you have seen?

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