42 TakeAway Tidbits from EventCamp 2011

Admittedly, when I asked my colleague Jodi Ray to share with me her big takeaways and “ah-ha” moments from her EventCamp (#ecnc) experience in Chicago, I wasn’t expecting a list of inspirational one-liners you might find in a little book or on your email footer.

However, many of these little statements have BIG meaning. Well, perhaps the “MSU method” isn’t something you might hear from a keynote speaker, but even then, if this is done well, it can make life a little more interesting for others listening.

What’s your favorite statement below? Why does it trigger that “ah-ha, yep, that makes sense” feeling for you?

– Connect people to people with solutions
– Replace the pitch with an invitation
– Match the offer to the relationship
– If they build it, they will bring their friends
– Make it fast, easy and fun – then they will help
– Reward and celebrate your heroes
– Love the people who love you
– Come out from behind the curtain
– Campaigns make silos; community building makes long-term relationships
– Crowd accelerated innovation – idea harvesting
– MSU method – Make shit up (ok this wasn’t in an actual session…)
– You earn your reputation by what you accomplish
– Crowdscribed – By the crowd, for the crowd
– Command discovery
– Empower your members
– Boredom inhibits education
– Competition = Engagement
– Emotional engagement = Total commitment
– Move from remarkable to irresistible
– Tell the story to those already listening
– Build your network before you need it
– Start with the folks who love you now
– Enough about me – let’s talk about YOU!
– Read Mashable.com; Instagram – photosharing for your IPhone reinvented
– Everyone is a publisher; Re-imagine – don’t recycle. Re-mix into other platforms
– Open book branding – TRUST, TRANSPARENCY, TRUTH
– Culture matters
– Asset Based Thinking – the way you perceive things is a choice
– Small shifts make seismic differences
– Yourself is your foundational asset – the deeper you look, the more you find
– Coach yourself – don’t criticize
– Relating with others is attitude and action – trade places with them; tell truth fast
– Believe in something BIG
– Acknowledge, apologize, act
– Stop, collaborate, listen
– See the problem as a pause
– OUR influence over my influence
– Admire openly and often
– Mentors matter
– Speak with substance, sizzle and soul
– Live your legacy NOW
– Engage, share, sustain

Did you attend EventCamp 2011?
If so, what little-BIG takeaway did you jot down in your handy-dandy conference learning journal?

Learn Social, Collaboration and Innovation for Events

What comes to your mind when you think about the words – social, innovation and collaboration?

If you’re anything like us here at Omnipress, you probably have many different ideas buzzing around in your head, on your blog and Twitter stream.

We’ve been listening to industry thought leaders via webinars, reading blog posts, participating in Engage365 water cooler chats and conversations for quite awhile now. We think it is about time that we get together face-to-face to talk about how to bring more social media principles (think: two-way communication) into events.

So, we are sponsoring EventCamp Twin Cities in Minneapolis on September 8-9, 2010 to kick-off this discussion.

Why We Like EventCamp

One thing that we really like about EventCamp is that it is an innovation laboratory. The Event Camp Twin Cities team has pulled together several new collaboration experiences, the latest in event technology and some of our own Engage365 members to spark discussions.

To be honest, this is an ambitious topic that we don’t expect to be resolved in one day. Yet, it’s a discussion we at Omnipress (and through our Engage365 community) think is important. We will be there joining the conversations. We hope that you will join too.

Here are some resources for you:

This is going to be a great event. You can bet that after EventCamp, you will have tried at least ONE new thing that you can take back to your events to make the more innovative and social.

Hope to see you there!

P.S. Since I like deals – it’s worth noting that the price is reasonable at $85 and you can get cheap airfare on Southwest Airlines. Perhaps we’ll see you in Minneapolis!