Adventures in Conference Printing

Adventures? You might be thinking. Really? How adventurous is a printed conference program, anyway?

We get your point, but there are, in fact, several steps involved in taking your conference content from the hundreds or thousands of files you send us initially to the beautiful programs that arrive at your conference location. When you think about it, your association’s content takes quite a wild ride along the way. Let’s take a closer look.

First stop: Abstract management and paper collection
As your conference content’s pirate ship makes its way to shore, the best of the best is selected and chosen for your meeting’s schedule, oral presentations, or poster sessions. We can handle your abstract management process, from your initial call for papers to the collection of final presentations and the scheduling of your meeting.

Next obstacle: Design & formatting
The raw materials of your conference have to be high quality, but even the most compelling ideas need a little finesse applied before they are ready for your attendees. In addition to abstract management and conference printing, Omnipress can help your association with design and formatting of your final program. Whether you just need a little help getting your content organized and print-ready or a more extensive project with conceptualization and design services, the Omnipress team is ready to tackle any obstacles that come between abstract management and your best printed program ever.

Oh no! A fork in the road: Long or short print run?
We print in-house; printing presses and other machinery lives at Omnipress. If you change your mind about how many programs you want to print this year or need a few extra just before your order ships, we can handle it. Consult with your dedicated project manager if you need help deciding an appropriate quantity.

Travel to the final destination: Shipping
When we talk fulfillment, we are usually referring to continuing education training materials, but that’s not the whole story. We ship conference content, too. Whether your conference will be held one state away from your headquarters or halfway around the world, we’ll do our best to make sure your conference content gets wherever it needs to be, on time.

X marks the spot: Omnipress is the best choice for conference printing.
Attendees value printed conference materials. (Even younger members do, too—read our whitepaper to learn more.) Whether they prefer to learn from print because it leads to better retention, they like the permanence that print provides in spades, they tire of the eye strain that comes with staring at a screen all day or they simply enjoy the pleasurable experience of turning pages and holding a book,* the jury is in—print is alive and well.

Omnipress is your experienced guide through the adventures your conference content takes from the call for papers to the programs delivered at your meeting venue. Ready to take the journey with us? Reach out now!


*Our survey participants made these comments and more.

Flip That Book

Do you remember when you were just five years old? It was a time you could just be creative and everyone thought it was “cute.” There were no lines to color inside of. The people you drew had an odd shaped head, big ears, stick legs and no body. There were no rules to being creative. Then we hit the educational system that washed that creativity down the drain.

Well the folks at the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology brought out their inner child creativity when they combined their printed abstract book with their printed program book into a single book for their annual conference. How did they get creative? They flipped the contents of one book so that their book had no back cover. No matter which end of the book you opened, attendees were in the the front section. No back covers!

Being Creative Has It Advantages

  • They saved 35% in printing costs (over $6,000): By combining two books, they only needed one cover and one bind.
  • Less hassle for on-site staff: Instead of having extra boxes and two books to hand to each delegate, they dealt with less boxes and just one book.
  • Easier for attendees: Attendees just “flipped their book” to get to the table of contents for each book.

Flip That Book Video Overview (by Paul Wehking)

Are there ways for you to be creative, save money while keeping the attendees in mind?

Conference Notebooks, Not Notepads


Remember when you were back in school and for each class you had a spiral-bound notebook?

Each class had a different flavor, and you took time to doctor them up with stickers or other cool designs. Then you get a real job and your employer hands you a… you guessed it… a notepad.

Everyone at work is carrying around these notepads, writing on one side only (not green!), flipping pages over the top edge (curling paper!) and tearing pages out (no organization!).

To make ourselves look professional, we buy a leather or vinyl organizer to hold our beloved cheap notepads. I have to say, I’m not a big fan of notepads if you are taking more than one page of notes and plan to refer back to them later.

Sound familiar?

Conference Notebooks | Perfect for Attendees

conflearnjournal_sm1A growing trend with many of our clients is providing their attendees with a program/notebook, usually in the 6×9 format. Sometimes it’s called a Conference Notebook, sometimes a Learning Journal. Regardless, it’s a great on-site tool that usually includes all the conference program and agenda information to help attendees quickly figure out what sessions to attend. It also contains about 30 blank pages for attendees to take notes. Some clients even include a CD with the session handouts on it.

Since we produce conference notebooks for many of our clients, I get the luxury of taking a few for my own use.

Yes, I carry around these little conference notebooks that say, “Meet Different” by MPI, or “2007 Professional Education Conference – MPI.” Hint to association marketers: Your logo and conference info lives long after the event. And, people are always asking me, “Who’s MPI?”

I Love My Conference Notebooks

Here’s why:

  • They’re compact.
  • They have a nice pocket in the back for carrying loose paper or business cards.
  • I can use both sides of the sheet.
  • They don’t take up half the table when the notebook is open.
  • It’s different and I look more professional.
  • Each meeting or note is dated so I can quickly refer back to it.
  • The cover identifies me with my profession (plus, I can draw cool things on it).

How I Use My Conference Notebooks

  1. notebook-cuOne for blogging notes, website technical things, etc.
  2. One for general meetings (many topics in this book).
  3. One that I take to educational conferences – my learning notes never get lost!
  4. My favorite use: I have one for all my hockey practice plans, drills, etc. It’s the best organizing tool that ever happened to my coaching career. I have every practice logged in a single conference notebook which makes it so easy to reference.

When you’re planning your next conference and want to give your attendees something useful and reusable, give them a conference notebook and save your dollars on other things like hotel notepads and fancy leather notepad holders.

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