The Importance of Brand: A Lesson From the NFL

Brand is everything, and if you’re like most organizations, you spend countless hours and resources protecting and building your brand.

Whether you’re a football fan or not, you may have heard about what’s happening in the NFL this year with replacement referees. Admittedly I’m a huge Green Bay Packer fan, so there’s a bit more passion around this topic.

The situation: The NFL’s officiating crew is on a lock-out (mainly as a result of money issues). No huge surprise. The season is underway with replacement refs who don’t have adequate experience refereeing in the NFL.

The controversial results: In last Monday night’s game the Packers lost by a last second touchdown pass by the Seattle Seahawks. The replacement refs made a bad call (in many people’s opinions), which impacted the outcome of the game. The Packers’ Quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, didn’t blame the referees. Rather, he spoke about how the referees and the quality of officiating is an important part of the NFL brand. He added, the officiating by the replacement refs has been an embarrassment to NFL and its brand.

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Your Organization’s Brand is a Shield

Your organization’s brand is important, and it must never be taken for granted. It takes time and effort to build a strong brand. It’s like a marriage; it takes effort to continuously foster strength and growth. For your organization, the marriage you continually build upon is between you and your members or employees.

Your brand is like your shield; it can help protect you from volatility in the macro economy as well as your market niche. It’s important to make organizational decisions that protect your brand.

If the NFL could start the season over, would they make a different decision to protect brand?

3 Ways Organizations Can Protect Their Brand

Often times, organizations think of building their brand after there is already a problem. Remember, it takes time and effort to grow your brand. If you act late, don’t expect immediate results.

Here are a few ways you can protect your organization’s brand:

  1. Budget. Money has a tendency to trump all decisions. Make sure you’re allocating appropriate funds to grow your brand and strengthen your shield even when your brand is strong.
  2. Relevant Content. Continuously update educational content. Don’t let excess inventory levels of printed content prevent you from updating your continuing education content. Content is king, but only when it’s relevant and timely.
  3. Presentation. If you ship printed materials to instructor-led training or face-to-face events, evaluate the entire package of contents. Do the printed covers look fresh and relevant? Is the shipping package representing your brand? Do you have custom boxes or poly bags with your logo?

Have other ideas on how to protect or extend your brand? Please leave me a comment below!

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