5 Reasons to Offer Online Conference Materials (Even If You Already Have an App)


Your attendees are living in a mobile world, with nearly 80% of all Americans owning a smartphone. Of course, it would make sense for your conference to be mobile as well. Increasingly, attendees are becoming conditioned to using an app to access content and information while on-site. But does an app alone provide the greatest value? Not always.

Conference apps bring many benefits to the table, including a personal itinerary for the annual meeting and tools for engagement, but an app might fall short when meeting all the digital needs of your attendees. In addition to a conference app, consider hosting your conference materials on a dedicated website that can be accessed by smartphones, laptops and other devices.

Here are five reasons to pair your mobile app with online conference materials for your event.

1. Superior Search

Online conference materials let your attendees utilize advanced search tools superior to those available on a mobile app. Having options like full-text and faceted search makes a big difference when attendees must search through numerous technical papers and presentations.

2. Marketing and Promotion

To access content in the app, an attendee has to already be registered for the conference. But what about those that haven’t registered yet? Providing access to search engine-accessible online conference materials ahead of the meeting allows prospective attendees to gain a better understanding of the value of the event, ultimately driving registration for those who may still be “on the fence.”

3. Post-Meeting Access

Mobile apps provide the most value during the conference. Many attendees won’t use it at all after they plane home, although the content is still relevant and worth a second look. Having the ability to revisit materials on a computer when back in the office is often easier and preferred, and helps increase retention of the material.

4. Better Reading Experience

Close reading and deep comprehension are challenging when using a small screen. This is why many attendees choose to pore over new research on a full screen, rather than using an app, and where online conference materials have an advantage.

5. Non-Dues Revenue

As you build your association’s online conference content archive, you can plan to charge access for past years, generating non-dues revenue for your organization. This option is made even easier with the ability to restrict access to some or all of your online content. You can select who gets to see what content from recent or past events.

Even if you have a mobile app, supplement it through online conference materials. Having more avenues to deliver quality conference content to your attendees is far better than having too few. Each content format provides its own unique set of benefits to both attendees and your association, so it’s worth investing additional time and effort to select the ones that work best for your event.

Increase The Educational Value Of Your Event With Digital Content

How you deliver conference content to your attendees is changing. Thanks to on-demand services like Netflix, Hulu and YouTube, the idea of omnipresent content—content that is available whenever, wherever, and in the format that is most convenient—is now the expectation. Associations typically offer some form of digital access to event materials, but the idea of providing a single digital format is no longer enough to provide attendees with the user experience they expect.

Feedback from attendees is prompting associations to look for ways to meet these new expectations. Rather than choosing one format, offer your attendees access to a variety of digital content to create a seamless, accessible experience that can heighten the educational value of your event.

Different digital format provide different benefits

It’s common for conference professionals to assume all digital conference products provide the same features, benefits and experiences. In reality, online conference proceedings, mobile apps and USB drives each bring their own unique set of benefits to your conference attendees.

Online Conference Proceedings

Online conference proceedings make conference materials accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. Attendees can easily search by session, track and speaker to select the material that interests them prior to the conference.

With online conference proceedings, you can offer a preview of your event’s sessions. These previews can help people decide whether or not they want to attend your conference based on tangible examples of the information you provide. And, by hosting all of these items in one central location, you create a great online resource for attendees to return to after the conference has ended.

Conference App

A conference app is best for portability and on-site information. Your conference attendees can use your mobile app to navigate around the conference using GPS technology, maps and can build their own personal schedule that fits right into their pocket.

Apps also help drive engagement during your conference. Features like live polling, social timelines and direct messaging between attendees and speakers facilitate one of the main reasons your attendees come to your conference year after year: networking.

USB Drive

Relying on the venue’s WiFi is never a good idea, which is why USB drives are great for storing conference materials. The devices are small and easy to carry, especially when they are stored in unique shapes or useful objects like pens and keychains.

One of the biggest perks of USBs is that they make it convenient to access information. While web addresses might be easily forgotten, a physical keychain or item on your attendee’s desk at work will remind them of your association, conference and the information they learned from you.

Why you need a comprehensive approach

Since each digital format has its own set of unique benefits, using multiple options at your event will give attendees the most flexibility in how they engage with your materials. Don’t think of them as a replacement for each other, but rather think about how each option fills a different role in creating a seamless educational experience.

Here are a few examples to illustrate why your conference should offer a comprehensive mix of digital content formats.

Scenario 1

John is interested in attending your conference and goes online to find example conference materials to get a better idea of what your association offers. When he sees your conference proceeding sneak peeks, he registers and uses the online conference proceedings to figure out which sessions he wants to attend. When the day of the conference arrives, John wants to reference the conference materials, but cannot access the venue’s WiFi. Fortunately, he can still pull up materials using the USB keychain you provided at check-in.

Scenario 2

Mary likes to be able to reference conference materials during break-out sessions, but does not want to be weighed down by her laptop all day during your event. Instead, she accesses the conference materials available through your mobile app. During breaks, she also uses the app to post about her experiences on the social timeline and sends a question to a speaker she didn’t get the opportunity to speak with. After the conference is over, Mary deletes the app to free up space on her phone, but is able to log onto your online conference library to reinforce the information she learned at the event.

Scenario 3

Susan is traveling from out of state to your conference and is uneasy about being in a new city. Fortunately, she has downloaded your mobile app, which provides her with GPS directions to the event location and helps her navigate the city during lunch and breaks. However, she finds it difficult to find the exact conference paper she’s looking for on her small phone screen, so she pulls out her laptop and uses the USB your association provided to access and search the materials to find the paper she is looking for.

Give your attendees the format freedom they desire

Providing content in multiple formats can be a challenge if you don’t have a strategy for managing them. One common pitfall is keeping data updated and consistent in multiple places as your content changes. The best way to avoid a data gap is to create a single source of record that is always up to date.

Updating content in multiple places and coordinating with multiple vendors is another scenario that can make managing multiple formats difficult, so consider working with a single vendor that offers all the formats you need.

By offering digital content in a variety of formats you’ll give your attendees the freedom to access materials whenever and wherever they want. All of the digital formats work together to increase the educational value of your event and create a top-notch conference experience.


Now Available: The 2018 State of the Conference Industry Report


We are excited to share the 2018 State of the Conference Industry Report!

For the fourth year in a row, Omnipress has tracked the evolution of conference content and the role it plays at an association’s annual event. This year’s Conference Industry Report indicates that while educational content remains a significant source of value that associations provide, association professionals are facing new challenges as they strive to meet attendees’ changing expectations.

To understand how associations are currently using their conference content, we conducted an online survey of 143 association professionals, many of whom are directly responsible for conference planning.

Download the report to learn:

  • How are associations using content to engage members and increase conference attendance?
  • How are associations deciding which formats to offer at their events?
  • Which types of content are associations currently providing at their conference?
  • Are there common challenges that all associations face delivering their conference content?

Takeaway #1: The annual conference remains a central part of the association’s member growth strategy.

With most associations reporting flat membership growth in 2017, the ability to engage and retain existing members is critical. The annual conference provides a unique opportunity to demonstrate the association’s value, and increasing attendance continues to be the number one priority for associations.

Respondents provided some specific areas of focus to increase attendance at their 2018 events:

  • Encourage peer to peer engagement
  • Increase conference quality
  • Update technologies to increase engagement
  • Create more networking opportunities

The opportunity for member engagement extends beyond attending the conference. Associations can provide options for members to participate in other meaningful ways by including an open call for their event. Soliciting presentations from within the association allows the organization to recognize the contributions that members are making in their industry and advance their careers.

Read the full report to learn how other associations use content to engage attendees before, during and after their events.

Selecting a Mobile Event App For Your Conference


Article Contents

The Basics of Mobile Apps

Finding the best mobile event app for your conference can be overwhelming. It’s easy to get caught up in the technical details and lose focus on what really matters: providing a convenient way for your attendees to access event information while at your conference. With that goal in mind, we’ve put together an overview to help your association learn the basic functionalities that are available in a mobile app and, most importantly, the benefits that different event app features offer your attendees.

The first decision to make when choosing your mobile event app is selecting the right type of app for your event. To help you decide, think about the goals for your organization, conference, and attendee and exhibitor experience.

Types of Mobile Apps

Mobile event apps come in three basic forms: native apps, web-based apps, and hybrid apps. Each of these types of apps has its own unique advantages, and depending on your specific needs, one option might be better suited for your event than the others.

Native Apps

Native apps are built for a specific operating system, such as iOS or Android. These apps are self-contained, meaning most features operate with or without an internet connection once you’ve installed it. All of the content, maps and other information you need on your app will be built-in for optimal performance on each attendees’ device. However, an internet connection will be required to update content once a user has installed it on their device.

Web-Based Apps

Web-based apps are built using HTML code, just like traditional websites, but are specifically optimized for smaller-screen devices. Using these types of apps requires an internet connection, since all content will be hosted online. On some devices, users can create an app-like experience by adding a bookmark to their home screen that, when clicked, will take them directly to the website.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps use a native app “shell” that is built for each operating system, but pulls content from the cloud. These apps can offer partial functionality while offline, but require an internet connection for the app to fully function. Some examples of these types of apps would be Facebook or Twitter; the base app is designed for the phone, but the content is downloaded from the internet.

The table below illustrates a few of the major pros and cons of the three basic types of mobile apps.

Native AppsBuilt specifically to the needs of the various operating systems such as Apple’s iOS or Android
  • Speed, performance and user interface are optimized
  • Works without Internet connection
  • Must build a specific app for each operating system
  • Takes more time to develop and deploy
  • Higher development costs

Web-Based Apps

Websites built using HTML that are designed specifically for smaller screens
  • No need to distribute using app stores
  • Works on any device with a browser, but experience varies
  • Lower deployment costs
  • Slower performance
  • Internet connection is required

Hybrid Apps

Native app shell with feeds from the website
  • Caches content, so it works offline to a degree
  • Downloadable from app stores
  • Easier to deploy cross-platform than native apps
  • Lower cost than native apps
  • Doesn’t run as smoothly as native apps
  • Offline performance can be inconsistent
  • Built to specific operating system


Which Type of App is Best?

When choosing the type of mobile app that is best for your event, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind. First, internet connectivity will largely determine the usability of your event app. Does your conference location offer free WiFi? If not, a web-based or hybrid app may not be the best choice. If attendees have to pay for WiFi just to access your app, there’s a good chance they won’t use it. A native app with preloaded content would be a better fit in this scenario.

Also, consider how much you’re expecting your attendees to rely on the app during the conference. Will the app be something used to only check session schedules? Or will you encourage attendees to browse program content throughout the day? If you expect attendees will use the app regularly during the event, you’ll want to choose an app that has better performance, like a native app. Some other factors to consider include:

  • Will the attendees be downloading the app ahead of time, or at the event?
  • Will the venue’s WiFi be fast enough to support all of your attendees’ devices?
  • What types of content are you trying to provide your attendees?
  • How fast or slow do you need content to load?

Ultimately, you’ll want to choose the type of mobile app that fits your association’s objective.  Access to content can largely be done on offline native apps, but interactivity and live information feeds will require internet access and will be better suited for a hybrid app.

Increasing Engagement with Mobile Event Apps

A mobile app can increase engagement at your event by creating new opportunities for attendees to learn about your conference and connect with speakers, sponsors and their peers. Interactive features such as direct messaging, personal itineraries and live polling can help your attendees create an immersive experience and truly connect with their colleagues before, during and after the event.

These attendee connections are crucial to the success of your event; many attendees come to network, and mobile event apps can help facilitate these connections. Incorporating social timelines directly into the app can help attendees interact with speakers and other attendees while at the venue. This is especially helpful if your conference is large, and finding specific people might be a challenge. The ability to network virtually can expand the number of connections your attendees make and helps open the door for new conversations.

Another way to keep your attendees engaged via the app is to include the ability to build a personal profile. A profile allows the user to enter their personal and professional information to create more networking opportunities. Profiles can also let attendees build personal itineraries that help them navigate through a busy day at the conference.

Creating an engaging event app can benefit your association, as well. As host of the event, your association can create a profile to post polls, questions and conversations on the social timeline. Real-time activities like live polling can help spark discussions between attendees, while at the same time providing your association with instant feedback about the event. You can use this information later to improve on your event and help attendees know their opinions matter.

Other Benefits of Mobile Apps

In addition to increasing attendee engagement, mobile event apps offer other benefits as well, from providing event information to generating extra revenue to giving attendees easy access to conference content. Here are some additional benefits that a mobile event app adds to your event.

Simplify event navigation

Emails with conference maps, directions, hotel and parking information are easily buried in your attendees’ and speakers’ inboxes. Instead, all of this basic event information can be hosted on the event app for your attendees to access before and during the conference. GPS-enabled maps can also help your attendees navigate inside the venue and the surrounding area, if necessary.

Your event schedule is another piece of important event content that can be housed on the app. Help your attendees keep track of session start times and speaker locations by including this critical piece of conference data.

Provide up-to-date event information

Mobile apps offer a unique ability to keep your attendees up to date about information throughout your event. Push notifications can help deliver timely alerts if a session has been moved to a different room, for example. Sending a notification directly to attendees’ phones will avoid confusion and reduce the time your staff spends redirecting people.

To keep attendees informed throughout the day, an RSS feed can provide a consistent stream of event updates and information right on the attendees’ phones. A real-time Twitter feed can help them stay informed and engaged throughout the day.

Deliver content directly to attendees

With so much content available to attendees, you want them to be able to access it quickly and easily. An event app can be configured to give your attendees the ability to access abstracts, papers and presentations right on their mobile devices.

Promote networking through gamification

Gamification is another way to incentivize attendee engagement and mobile app use. Features such as leaderboards turn engagement into a game by awarding points to users who conduct certain actions on your app, such as posting a photo on the social timeline or participating in a poll. You can control how many points each action earns, meaning you can strategically incentivize certain aspects of your mobile app.

Generate additional revenue

Your mobile event app doesn’t only have to benefit the attendees. Sponsorships on event apps are a common way for associations to monetize their event. Banner ads and other branding opportunities can allow your organization to generate some extra revenue during the event.

Create value for your exhibitors and sponsors

Exhibitors and sponsors are an important part of your event’s success, and a mobile app increases the value your conference offers them. A live activity feed within the app lets you promote your event sponsors and exhibitors with sponsored posts, banner ads, document downloads, eCommerce links and promoted sessions.

Using a mobile app with lead retrieval allows exhibitors to focus on connecting with attendees, and not on collecting their information. Rather than taking notes on a sheet of paper, exhibitors can simply scan a QR code with their phone to sync an attendee’s information to their device.

Get real-time insight

One of the best things about mobile apps is that they can track how your attendees use them, providing you with insights that can help your association in the future. Perhaps you want to see if people used the engagement features more than the content features. Analytics can help you make informed decisions about what type of app and what event app features you should focus on for next year.

Case Study: How A Mobile Event App Helped IWCS

Offering a mobile event app at your conference can have a dramatic impact on how attendees engage with your event. One association, the International Wire and Cable Symposium (IWCS), experienced this effect first-hand with the addition of digital content to its annual event.

As a tech-based association, IWCS understood how important technology is to its members, which is why it elected to offer content from its annual meeting in print, on a conference content website, on a USB and through a mobile app. The introduction of this new technology helped them increase attendee engagement and participation and raise the profile of their event.

IWCS’s event app included session handouts, program/speaker info, attendee profiles and conference details. In the first year, 87% of attendees downloaded the app, proving the true capabilities of mobile event apps.

To learn more about IWCS’s strategy to increase attendee engagement and participation at their annual event, read the case study, “Blending Print with Digital Content Reinvigorated an Annual Conference.”

Mobile Apps are the Future of Engagement

As you move forward with a mobile event app, be sure to focus on the benefits you’ll be providing to your attendees, and not just on a list of features that sound good on paper. It’s a good idea to talk with other association professionals that have experience creating mobile event apps to gain insight on what has worked for their conferences. A conversation with an Omnipress Event Specialist can also help answer any remaining questions you have about creating an app.

If your association is looking for a new way to improve attendee engagement at your annual event, consider trying a mobile event app. From the variety of capabilities and features to the numerous benefits they provide, event apps are a great choice for conferences of all sizes.

These Are The Opportunities That Event Sponsors Love


Associations are always on the lookout for event sponsors that can help defer some of the expense that goes into the annual conference. And, as luck would have it, businesses in your industry are looking for a cost-effective way to communicate with the attendees at your event. Offering a variety of conference materials at your event is one of the best ways to create the in-demand sponsorship opportunities that these businesses are willing to pay for.

Conference materials like printed program guides, USB flash drives, online conference materials and mobile apps provide opportunities for sponsors to connect with the attendees at your event. View the image below to learn which types of sponsorship opportunities each of these materials provide, along with the benefits they offer to your event sponsors.


Turn Conference Materials into Conference Revenue


From the Graphic

Title: Turn Conference Materials into Conference Revenue

Sponsorships can have a huge impact on your event’s bottom line. Make sure you know all your options when you talk with potential sponsors!


Location: Logo Directly on Device Case

Benefit to your sponsors: Provide branding opportunities that last long after the event ends


Location: Inside cover of program guide

Benefit to your sponsors: Attention-grabbing image in a high visibility location

Location: Ads in on-site program guides

Benefit to your sponsors: Promote messages to targeted audience at the event

Mobile App

Location: Activity Feed

Benefit to your sponsors: Creates opportunity for interaction with brand

Location: Push Notification

Benefit to your sponsors: Enables ability to reach every attendee with the app

Location: Sponsor Listing Page

Benefit to your sponsors: Provides recognition for making your event a reality

Online Content Library

Location: Above the site banner

Benefit to your sponsors: Ad can be viewed year-round

Location: Next to content

Benefit to your sponsors: Provide direct link to sponsor’s website

For more ideas on how to turn your conference materials into conference revenue, talk with us today! justask@omnipress.com

Get In On the Action: Mobile Devices & Conferences

Picture a crowd of attendees at your conference. They have just a few minutes before the next break-out session starts; the whole space is buzzing with activity as attendees use the time to connect with colleagues back at the office, jot down a few notes from the previous session, and update social media.

How are the attendees completing all of these tasks quickly and efficiently? With their mobile devices, of course. Smartphones and tablets are as common at conferences as business cards these days. Getting and staying connected is simply the way we do business now.

So what is your association waiting for? Mobile devices nearly outnumber attendees at your conference, and you still don’t have an app? Get on there!

When your association uses an app, your conference becomes part of the flurry of activity that takes place between sessions. The notes being taken can live within the app. A tweet shout-out to an attendee’s network about the great session she just attended? The app made that easy, too. Checking the room number for the next session, messaging a fellow attendee to firm up dinner plans, and skimming the handouts from the plenary session—attendees can do all of this within a conference app.

Your attendees’ mobile devices are coming to your conference. Shouldn’t your app meet them there? See what Omnipress’ conference app can do—try the demo!

7 Ways a Conference App Enhances Your Attendees’ Experience

When was the last time you stopped and thought about how amazing mobile technology is? It’s easy to take this for granted. Didn’t we always have smartphones, ready to pull out at a moment’s notice to check the weather, the score, or the best route to your destination?

No! We didn’t.

But now we do, and it’s pretty incredible. Mobile technology can make your association’s annual meeting even more rewarding for attendees, on both the social/networking and the professional development side of the coin.

How? I have spilled ink on the subject before, but here’s a refresher on conference apps and the tools that enhance your attendees’ experience.

  1. Complete program information: Gone are the days when attendees would have to carry half of their body weight in printed proceedings just to look up where the next session is taking place. It’s all in the palms of their hands!
  2. Full access to conference content: Attendees can preview the handouts for an upcoming session, read through the abstract covered in yesterday’s keynote, or skim a presentation they missed to see if it’s worth following up on at home. Any content your association chooses to make available can be accessed through the app.
  3. Simple communication between attendees: Attendees can post to the app’s timeline or send a person-to-person message to a new acquaintance, without sharing contact information. All while staying in the conference app!
  4. Easy-to-use connectivity between speakers and sessions: If Ken loved hearing industry thought leader Dr. Jones contribute in a panel discussion, he can look her up in the Speaker section of the app and make plans to attend her session the next day.
  5. Timely push notifications: Keep attendees in the loop with push notifications. Announce a room change, let them know there’s a car in the parking lot with lights on, or promote your association’s next conference.
  6. Engaging live polls: Everyone likes to make their voice heard! Give attendees the opportunity with live polling. Ask for feedback on a keynote address, the networking events, or where to hold the next annual meeting.
  7. GPS-enabled maps: Getting around a new city can be a challenge, even though the map looks so easy to navigate. GPS-enabled maps can help attendees understand their location in relation to points of interest, like the convention center, area hotels, the airport, and recommended restaurants. They can just point the blue dot (themselves!) in the direction of their destination.

We’ve come a long way since the days when a printed proceedings book was the only option for attendees. There are other ways to access content, including online conference materials and USBs, to make it easier for professionals to learn on the go. Conference apps help attendees manage their engagement during the annual meeting, as well beforehand and afterward.

Remember how helpful mobile tools can be in your own life and recognize their potential to make your attendees’ conference experience richer.

Life is better with the right app. So is your conference! Make sure you include a conference app from Omnipress in your content strategy and budget.

How to Streamline Your Conference Printing

When you hear streamlined, what do you think of? An aerodynamic sports car? The flattering cut of an A-line skirt with no fuss or frills? Or an easy process with all of the usual stumbling blocks removed?

If you seek a streamlined process for your conference printing, you’ll find that Omnipress fits the bill. This works especially well when you pair your print order with other services that we offer.

Abstract management is a good example.
When Omnipress handles your abstract management and paper collection (which can encompass all aspects of the process—submission, review, and management), we’ll help you set up the system to collect all of the information you need for your conference printing and any other outputs you plan to offer attendees. It makes sense to print with us when we have collected the conference content; likewise, it makes sense to use Omnipress for abstract management when you plan to use our printing services. Just as it is with a patchwork quilt, so is it with your conference content—the pieces often work better together than they do on their own.

Formatting is another service that plays well with conference printing.
The abstract management system may have all of the elements of your conference content, but there must also be a means to organize and lay out the information in a way that attendees can easily understand it. Just supply us with a sample of last year’s conference program and we’ll take it from there.

Online conference materials, conference apps, and USBs—all other conference outputs you want to add to a printed program or proceedings.
You’d be forgiven if you think of “Omnipress” and “printer” as synonymous. Conference printing is an essential component of our business. It is not, however, all we have to offer associations. Over the last several years, we have expanded our digital services to include online conference materials, conference apps, CDs, and USBs. Once we have your conference content, especially when it was collected through our abstract management system, we can help you with all sorts of outputs. And the more options your association offers, the more your attendees get out of your annual meeting.

Anytime you can slice items off of your to-do list, you’ll feel calmer. When you work with one provider for all of your conference content needs, you won’t have as many calls to make to keep things on track. That means fewer loose ends to tie up. Less follow-up that you have to be responsible for.

If you meet certain criteria, you can take advantage of Omnipress’ incentive program. (Criteria include: Sign a proposal for conference services by June 30th; and complete final invoicing by December 31st. Find complete requirements at omnipress.com.)

Earn one of four incentives:

  • 11” MacBook Air
  • Dell XPS 13 (Non-Touch)
  • 2 airline vouchers ($500 each)
  • $1,000 off of your project

The best incentive of all, included with every Omnipress project, is a smooth, hassle-free process. We work hard to put procedures in place to make things easier for you.

To learn more, read our white paper, Best Practices in Conference Content Planning & Production. Then contact us to get started!

10 Reasons to Take Advantage of Our Incentive Program

It’s probably not news to you that Omnipress has launched an incentive program. We have been promoting it frequently over the past four weeks. In case you missed it, or have yet to pull the trigger, here are 10 reasons to take advantage of our incentive program!

  1. You need to get moving on the conference content for your fall conference. Time is of the essence!
  2. You could use an association-owned laptop to help with on-site registration. If you qualify for the incentive program, you could earn a MacBook Air or a Dell XPS 13 (Non-Touch).*
  3. You want to check out more venues than your travel budget allows. Another incentive offered is two airline vouchers, worth $500 each. Take a trip and find the perfect place for a future annual meeting!
  4. You recognize that coordinating content for your annual meeting could be easier. Omnipress is your one-stop shop for conference content. Start with abstract management and continue through all of your outputs, with$1000-off a single vendor!
  5. You know your association’s budget could use a $1,000 break. One of the most popular incentives is $1,000 off your project. Every association’s bottom line could use a little breathing room!
  6. You are going to need to handle conference content one way or another. You might as well earn an incentive for it!
  7. You want to expand the number of content outputs you offer. This is the perfect opportunity to add a content website or a conference app, without adding to the number of vendors you have to contact to get the job done.
  8. You accept that your conference printing needs are moving beyond what your local printer can reasonably do. There will come a time when it’s not tenable to stay with your hometown printer. Have you reach that threshold?
  9. You want to work with a provider that understands associations. Does your app developer really understand what associations need and how to meet the needs of your attendees? Does your local printer? Wouldn’t you rather work with a vendor that gets it?
  10. You deserve a break. A conference planner’s job is never done, and you work hard every day to make your annual meeting a valuable experience for attendees. It’s time you got something to show for it! Take advantage of our incentive program and you’ll receive a bonus that you so richly deserve.

Now you have 10 perfectly good reasons to take the next step—register at omnipress.com. Let us know the products and services that you need: abstract management, conference printing, online conference materials, scientific posters (collection, printing, and/or online access), CDs, USBs, and/or conference apps. One of our friendly account managers will reach out to you with solutions to your conference content woes. Get started now!


*Disclaimer: Apple is not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion. Dell is not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion. Omnipress is in no way affiliated with either Apple or Dell.

Why We’re Willing to Give You an Incentive for Trying Omnipress

First, let’s go through the basics, in case you missed it. The facts are these:

What a great offer, right?! That begs the question: Why are we willing to give you an incentive for trying us?

The answer is simple: We are confident in our ability to help your association deliver conference content to your attendees, using streamlined processes that make your life easier in a noticeable way.

Let’s unpack that statement …

We are confident in our ability: Omnipress has been working with associations for nearly four decades. We continually invest in our products, offering additional features (like the multi-event app) and upgrades regularly. More importantly, we invest in our people, giving you a superior customer service experience from your first contact with us through the post-project survey and debriefing.

To help your association deliver conference content to your attendees: Does this mean abstract management and paper collection? High-quality, error-free printed programs or proceedings? Uploading conference content to branded USBs or CDs? Building a site so online conference materials are available? Developing a conference app so attendees can navigate your annual meeting with ease? Printing services for your poster presenters and online access to posters after your conference? Whatever you need, we can help you get it done.

Using streamlined processes that make your life easier in a noticeable way: When all of your conference content is handled under one roof, many tasks and communications take place behind the scenes. Project managers from two different products talk on their own, or with you, so both of them know what’s going on with their project. The account manager will share details of your unique situation with the project managers. Less intervention from you means an easier day and less work calling multiple vendors and making sure everyone is on the same page. With a single-source solution for your conference content, life becomes easier.

Our Incentive Program is the perfect opportunity for your association to see what your new conference content experience can be. Work with us and you’ll get a simpler, more streamlined process, with world-class service at every step—and a $1,000 incentive.

What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone today or visit omnipress.com for full details.


** Disclaimer: Apple is not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion. Dell is not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion. Omnipress is in no way affiliated with either Apple or Dell.

It Pays to Work With Omnipress—Literally!

You work hard throughout the year to bring content to your association’s attendees. In appreciation for all you do, Omnipress has begun an incentive program. Partner with us for your 2015 conference content and you could earn an incentive worth $1,000!

How do you get started? It’s easy! Here’s how the promotion works:

  1. Visit the incentive program page to contact an Omnipress account manager.
  2. Get the conversation started! Let’s talk with us about your conference content needs: abstract management and paper collection, conference printing, online conference materials, conference apps, and/or USBs/CDs. Any or all of these aspects of conference content apply, as long as the total value adds up to at least $15,000.
  3. Sign a proposal for your conference content from Omnipress on or before June 30, 2015.
  4. Enjoy a smoother experience with conference content for your fall meeting!
  5. Complete final invoicing by December 31, 2015.
  6. Earn one of these incentives—each worth $1,000! (One reward per customer.)

Choose from one of the following incentives to make life easier for yourself and your association:

11” Macbook Air**
Dell XPS 13 (Non-Touch)**
$1,000 off your project
2 airline vouchers ($500 each)



For complete details (including legalese and pictures of the rewards) of the spring promotion, visit the incentive program page.

If you’ve thought about trying Omnipress for your conference content, but never felt quite ready to pull the trigger, this is your chance! Work with us, earn and enjoy your incentive, and banish stress from your conference content planning process, in 2015 and beyond.

**Apple is not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion. Dell is not a participant or sponsor of this promotion. Omnipress is in no way affiliated with either Apple or Dell.

5 Reasons Abstract Management is Everything

What is the most critical step in your conference content process? Preparing the printed program? Receiving the USBs that contains the conference’s complete abstracts? Setting your mobile app or content website live?

For these five reasons, abstract management—which includes your call for papers, submissions, review, and managing the process—is the most important piece of your conference content puzzle.

  1. The conference content is chosen. Cue the chorus of “duh”s. One of the most important aspects of your conference is deciding which topics to cover, which research to highlight, and which speakers will excite and inspire your attendees. It all starts with your call for papers. Your review team separates the wheat from the chaff, and your conference content starts to resemble the excellent industry resource it will become.
  2. The groundwork for your outputs is set. For best results, use the same provider for abstract management and your content outputs, whatever form it takes—printed program and/or proceedings, CDs or USBs, a conference content website, a mobile event app, or any combination of these. Your provider will help you set yourself to collect the content you need from the get-go, including not just the abstract, but other information, like release forms, bios, photos, A/V needs, metadata, and more.
  3. The schedule begins to take shape. Choose an abstract management system that allows you to build your conference schedule and you’ll be ahead of the game. As reviewers select presenters, you can take that information and begin to lay out your event.
  4. The elements of your conference content is collected. Abstracts, papers, final presentations, posters, keywords and other metadata for online posts, handouts, special requests, and more—whatever you’ll need from accepted speakers, get it up front. There’s no great harm in collecting information you may ultimately not need, but chasing down presenters for more information could prove challenging.
  5. The whole process is simplified when you do abstract management right. Your outputs consist of more information than a basic call for paper requires. For a smoother process from the initial submission to the final conference program or website, though, it makes sense to get everything you need from potential speakers from the very beginning.

Abstract management makes life easier for everyone involved.

  • Your accepted presenters can rest assured that all the information you needed is already in.
  • You don’t have to spend time hunting down speakers at the 11th hours for a CV or photo.
  • Your content provider can move forward toward your content outputs without delay.

We believe it’s true and hope that, given our five reasons, you agree: Abstract management is everything.

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