Attending Xperience or MM&C? See a Live Case Study on Content Marketing

In our latest State of the Industry Report, we noticed a pretty remarkable year-over-year change in one specific data point: there has been a notable increase in the percentage of associations that are re-using their educational content for a variety of purposes, from promoting next year’s event to ongoing content marketing to increase visibility for the organization.

At the same time, we hear that associations, like many organizations, find that managing and sustaining a high-performing, measurable content marketing program is extremely challenging, particularly with limited staff resources who are already wearing multiple hats.

We get it. We really do. We faced the same challenges with our own content marketing program.  Over the past two years, we have made ongoing, simple, progressive changes to our program, which has helped us improve the quality of our content, provide more tailored messaging, and ultimately deliver a 130% increase in year-over-year performance. All with just a two-person team!

We are going to be sharing our own, personal case study at both the Community Brands Xperience and at ASAE MM&C conferences in the coming weeks in our session presentation: Content that Connects: How a Small Staff Can See Big Results by Leveraging Existing Content. Our goal is to provide associations with practical ideas they can put into action immediately to develop a successful and sustainable content marketing program that increases program attendance and membership growth.

If you or your colleagues plan to attend either of these conferences, we hope you’ll join us. We would love to hear more about what you’re doing, and provide thoughts and suggestions based on our own experiences. See you soon!

Changing Role, Same Focus


Changes are something we talk about a lot on this blog. Sometimes it’s how generational changes are affecting associations, or how changing your mindset can help your organization find a new solution to an old problem.

Changes often make people nervous. Unsure. Maybe it breaks them out of a comfortable routine.

Change to me means opportunity. A chance to re-evaluate and reinvigorate. That’s exactly how I feel about this change: The change in responsibility that comes with my new role as Director of Training and Publications.

Playing a new role in this organization is nothing new to me. Over the 29 years that I’ve been a part of this company, I’ve been involved in just about every part of the business. While the role I play may have changed over the years, my commitment to helping our customers create better course materials for their learners and print, pack and ship their publications has remained.

From the point of view of our customers, it’ll be business as usual. But, behind the scenes, know that we are working hard to continually do what is necessary to remain the partner you turn to as a collaborative resource.

Focus on making our customers successful

All of our efforts really focus on one thing: Day in, day out, how can we help make our customers successful. That’s what we’re here to do. Knowing what associations do to better our community is a great motivator. We’re invested in seeing our customers remain competitive in their markets. That’s why we are always reviewing the solutions we offer and making recommendations that will help our customers reach their goals.

Focus on technology through integrations

One of the things we pride ourselves on is making our customers’ lives easier when it comes to system integrations. Associations are continually embracing new technology to help manage their financials and processes. This means opportunities for integrations between new systems are emerging all the time. We’ll continue to be proactive with recommendations that provide insight into your data and make your staff more efficient.

Focus on finding efficiencies

Developing efficient processes isn’t just important for us as a company, but is something that we pass on to our customers, as well. For example, we recently re-organized our warehouse to shorten the turn time it takes for an incoming order to be packed and prepped for delivery to your customer. Improvements like these help us ensure that our high-level of expectations translate into world-class service for our customers.

So what’s the bottom line to you? In my role as Director of Training and Publications, I’ll make sure we continue to stay focused on what really matters: Supporting our customers and making sure we offer them the solutions that support their mission and make them successful.

ASAE 2017 and The Anniversary Effect


A few years ago I read an article on the topic of The Anniversary Effect, which is defined as a unique set of feelings, thoughts or memories that occur on the anniversary of a significant experience. Oftentimes, we experience these emotions without realizing why…until we get a good look at the calendar.

Last Year At This Time…

As we head into August, I will freely admit that The Anniversary Effect is in full swing. While all of us here have been gearing up for the ASAE Annual Meeting, I have been filled with an overwhelming sense of excitement, anticipation and even nostalgia.  Just recently I realized why. It was at ASAE Annual one year ago that we unveiled CATALYST®, our newest abstract and speaker management system.

It is truly amazing to see how much can happen in a year. CATALYST has been extremely well-received by association professionals in search of a more logical way to manage their submission and review process. And while the feedback to date has been tremendous, we are always looking to keep that feedback loop going, using real-time insights we learn from meeting planners to continue its evolution and development. We have already released five series of updates over the course of the past year, and version 2.0 will be on its way soon!

Meanwhile, as part of an industry that is ever-changing, we have increased our staff and expanded our skills and knowledge so that we can continue to help associations turn their educational content into a valuable resource for their members.

Fast Forward to ASAE 2017

With so much going on and so much to talk about, it’s only fitting that we’ll have a bigger presence than ever at ASAE, so that we have space to connect with each of you one-on-one. Bob, Matt, Tracy and Janel will be on hand in booth 119 to listen to your challenges and share ideas on how to leverage your educational content for your conferences and training programs.  Are you trying to find the right mix of print and digital formats for your attendees or learners? Need ideas on how to increase the visibility of your programs? Looking for a simpler solution to collect, produce and distribute content to attendees and learners? You don’t have to figure it out on your own. Between the four of them, they have worked with thousands of associations, and can share their learnings with you.

Now that I think about it, I may be just as excited about what has happened, as I am about what’s still to come here at Omnipress.

For those of you attending ASAE, we wish you safe travels, and look forward to seeing you there!

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