Add Value to Your Event with a Lead Retrieval App


Increase the value of your event for exhibitors, sponsors and attendees—and generate some new revenue for yourself in the process. Attendify’s mobile event app—which works seamlessly with our CATALYST Abstract management system—now offers integrated lead retrieval, making it super simple for your exhibitors to build relationships with the attendees at your event.

Event professionals are always looking for opportunities to generate additional conference revenue, and lead retrieval is a convenience that exhibitors and sponsors are willing to pay for. If you’ve ever watched an exhibitor struggle to jot down notes after a conversation with an attendee, you know the value a lead retrieval app provides.

Social Lead Retrieval

Scribbling on the back of a business card is the old-tech way of collecting information from event participants. With the Attendify app, exhibitors can use their own mobile phone to scan an attendee’s QR code. Contact information about the lead is available immediately, along with access to view the attendee’s activity stream posts. Exhibitors can also contact leads directly through the app to schedule follow up appointments.

Real-Time Engagement Data

During the event, an analytics dashboard helps you ensure that exhibitors use the app effectively. Lead generation data is available to monitor performance and see which exhibitors are successfully adding leads. These real-time insights are available on your existing device and don’t require adding additional hardware.

Using a lead retrieval app allows exhibitors to use their in-person conversations to build more meaningful engagement with attendees, knowing that details like contact information will be automatically synced to their device.

Providing an easy way for exhibitors to retrieve attendee data is becoming a must-have feature for an event app, similar to the way that attendees expect a mobile app to provide a schedule of the event. To learn more about pricing and the other benefits of offering your exhibitors an integrated lead retrieval app, check out the information on Attendify’s page.

Have you ever offered automated lead retrieval at your events in the past? What other ways are you using technology to create more value for your exhibitors and sponsors? Let us know in the comments below.

Why Associations Should Go Online: Generate Revenue & Improve SEO

As your partner, Omnipress offers products that benefit not only association members, but the association itself as well. We’re here to make your life easier and help support your organization however we can. The Digital Publishing Platform helps improve your association’s reach by extending your brand, attracting new members, and engaging the existing membership.

But let’s get real. Some of the most compelling reasons your association should use a DPP haven’t even surfaced yet – until today! For example, I doubt your association would turn down a new revenue stream. Improving your search results online would be a major win, too, wouldn’t it? Omnipress can help you do that. Read on!

Generate Revenue — Your association probably offers publications (magazines, journals, newsletters) and other printed materials, like manuals, policies, and other books. Do you charge for those materials? I’ll assume yes. The same can be done for online resources! Your association can set up a fee structure for access to content, which will provide a steady non-dues revenue stream. You could charge for each piece of content, base access on role or membership type, or set up subscriptions. Annual subscription fees set you up for yearly financial benefits.

Improve SEO —Your association’s SEO (search engine optimization) results directly impact your organization. If potential new members can find you, they are much more likely to join and purchase access to your content. By going online, you give search engines – and new members – more opportunities to find your association.

Clearly, this system is a compelling way to present content and benefit your association in the process. Intrigued? Schedule a demo!

We’re so excited about this product, we’re not even done telling you all about it. Your assignment for tomorrow: Think about what content can be included in a Digital Publishing Platform. Think big, then bigger. I bet we still have a longer list than you just made. Check back tomorrow for the first installment!

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