Omnipress Feature – John’s Story

At Omnipress we have always valued our people. One of the people at Omnipress that has been here from the very beginning is John Troia.

John has been working at Omnipress in the production department for 33 of the 40 years that we have been in business, so he is a very valuable part of our team.

In fact, there is a picture of him running the Omnimatic printing machine from the early 80’s featured on awall in our office and it is only right that he gets to explain what it means to him.

We hope that you enjoy hearing his story!

Video Transcript

This picture was taken in approximately 1984. If you look at the picture it does speak a lot of volume. The equipment behind me is no longer available. It was cutting-edge technology at the time in the offset you know printing world. If you look at the equipment today compared to what we had back then, 33 or 34 years ago it’s just phenomenal.

Which brings to you know the point of Omnipress what makes it so interesting. Technology we had back then, we are constantly evolving. You have to you know do it so you know the evolution of it to stay on that cutting-edge.

With that being said how it makes it interesting there’s so much difference from day to day let alone year to year, decade to decade. So much of the offset as you see in that picture, the offset process is obsolete.

Everything has gone to digital and even beyond that. So with that being said, there really isn’t a boring dull day at Omnipress technology wise. You know the people are great, good time all around.

3 Reasons Why We Love What We Do

Between Valentine’s Day and American Heart Month, we think about matters of the heart a lot in February. For this month’s column, I’ve been reflecting on how love plays out for Omnipress. There’s a lot of love in this company, after all, which led me to this conclusion: Members of the Omnipress team share a love of serving associations.

How do we love our jobs? Let’s count the (three) ways:

  1. We love seeing our customers succeed. Planning an association’s annual meeting is a complicated, multi-step process. The meeting planners we work with always seem a bit overwhelmed, and we marvel at their ability to keep everything running smoothly. Omnipress specializes in one of the many tasks on your plate. That means you don’t have to be the conference content expert! We’re here to help, and we find it so gratifying to help make your meeting more successful. Our mission is to help you deliver upon yours.
  1. We love serving a higher purpose. “Delivering knowledge” is our mantra, and we take it seriously. We’re thrilled to play a part in delivering knowledge to professionals around the country (and the globe!), in a wide variety of industries. We love our customers because they help us make a real difference in the world.
  1. We love making your life easier. In working with so many meeting planners, we’ve come to understand how stressful your job can be. But we also recognize that you find the joy in making everything come together, even if the process can be challenging. The Omnipress team is committed to making your workday (and therefore your life) a little easier by simplifying conference content.

We asked meeting planners about their conference goals, budget predictions, and conference content formats they offer in our 2016 State of the Industry survey. The results reminded us of a fact we already knew well: The meeting planners we serve are passionate about their work. What do you love most about associations and planning their meetings? Leave us a comment!

Conference Printing As a Team Sport

With fall conferences right around the corner, you may be thinking about your printed conference materials and wondering what—and who—goes into bringing your association’s program from PDFs to beautiful books, delivered to your conference site. Or you might be thinking about NFL and college football games in your future. Let’s tie them together and consider the Omnipress team as positions on the field.

The Omnipress team is committed to getting the job done right (the win, in other words), which involves many individuals and moving parts. As Vince Lombardi said, “Individual commitment to a group effort—that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.”

Account manager: The Omnipress sales team is responsible for introducing you to the services we provide and helping you get started. They will also walk you through the proposal so you feel comfortable with the plan and pricing before we get to work on your project. These are the front line players—tackles, guards, and center.

Project manager: Your dedicated project manager is your point of contact, or quarterback, throughout the process. Keeping everything on track is the name of their game, and they play it very well. You’ll feel better knowing there’s just one person to contact if I problem arises, or if you just need to check in.

Project technician: If you need someone to take care of page layout, formatting, or design, these are the people who can help you get it done. Consider them the “special teams” layers on your Omnipress roster. . Let us know what you want the program book or proceedings to look like and we’ll get right to it. This works particularly well if you also count on Omnipress for your abstract management. That makes for a seamless hand0ff. Great play!

Production team: If getting your files print-ready was the last step, we’d stop there, but for conference printing, you’ll actually want your materials, well, printed. That’s where the production team—your running backs, say, and wide receivers—comes in. They take care of the actual printing and all that entails (color, binding, etc.), expertly packing your books for transport, and shipping your materials to your conference site.

Members of the Omnipress team come together to make your conference printing project happen. It’s one of the unsung benefits of working with us: every single one of us works for the best outcome for you. When your printed conference materials succeed, we’re happy to have played a part in the process.

You can experience the same level of we’re-in-this-together commitment and dedication on other content outputs for your annual meeting—online conference materials, USBs, and conference apps. We can also help you collect and manage your content with our abstract management system. Any game you play, we’re in it to win it.

I encourage you to get to know the Omnipress team. Read the short bios on the Meet Our Team section of our website, call in to 800-828-0305 to get a conversation started with an account manager, or check us out on social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook). We look forward to serving you and helping your team bring home a W.

Meet the Content Mechanics!

In anticipation of ASAE Annual 2015, set to begin in Detroit on August 8th, we have been featuring automotive-themed posts on the blog, which will continue in the Omnipress booth (#515) as well. Today’s focus is the “pit crew” you can count on to help you tune up your content engine: your content mechanics, a.k.a. the Omnipress team. Let’s walk around the “garage” so you can meet everybody.

Marketing Department
Though you may not realize it, your experience with the Omnipress team begins before you reach out to us. After all, you understand that your due diligence begins with researching a potential new provider. When you perform an online search, you indirectly “meet” the marketing team, which consists of my colleague, marketing manager Aaron Manogue, and yours truly.

Maybe you read the website or a few blog posts before picking up the phone to call an account manager, reach out to us through live chat on, or email You are also welcome to connect with us on social media! You’ll find us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

Sales Department
Whether you filled out a form on our website and heard right back from Janel Savich, received a call from Holly Meyers, or spoke with Bob Hamm at ASAE Annual or another conference, a member of the sales team was likely your first Omnipress contact.

Right away, you probably noticed that we operate a little differently. Our account managers are friendly and helpful. They are truly interested in bringing your association to the best solution for the conference content challenges you face every day. Our account managers are knowledgeable, experienced (half the team has been with Omnipress for over a decade!), and ready to help, whenever you need them.

Operations Department
Once you start working with Omnipress, you’ll be matched with a dedicated project manager, who will become your lifeline during your conference content process. Whether you work with Brandon Butzler for abstract management, Kristi Connelly for conference printing, Rob Bossingham for apps, or any of project managers, you’ll enjoy a pleasurable working relationship. Equal parts magician and problem-solver, each PM will help you collect, manage, and deliver conference content to your attendees. Even better, they’ll do it in a way that will make the process easier for you.

Other individuals will also help you along the way, from Deb Beyler and Kristen Phillips, whose friendly voices will answer your calls to 800-828-0305, to the production team, which handles in-house printing and takes care of shipping so your materials are received at your conference site on time and looking great. Project technicians take on the formatting and design of projects printed and digital. It takes a village to make your conference content the best it has ever been.

At the helm, you’ll find caring, relatable leaders like CEO Tracy Gundert and a quartet of Vice Presidents: Greg Hubbard (production), Patty Keller (sales), Steve Manicor (business development), and Jonny Popp (administration). Our product directors—Sean Lawler (digital services) and Dan Loomis (training)—help Omnipress move in the right direction. Whether or not you have the pleasure or interacting with our leaders, you’ll see their fingerprints on everything we do.

Now you’ve become acquainted with the full team of content mechanics on the blog—meet a few of them in person! You’ll find them at ASAE Annual in booth #515. Stop by!

Consistent Branding with a Single-Source Provider


Branding is an important aspect of your association’s annual meeting. Everything you offer for the conference, from room signs to programs to an app, should represent your association’s brand, and do it consistently. The colors, logos, and overall feel that represent the association and the meeting should look the same across all platforms.

The first impression many people have of your annual meeting is the conference’s website. This is your opportunity to set the stage for other items to come—an advance program, a conference app, and the final program, to name a few.

The best way to keep your branding across platforms is to trust the same vendor to handle all of your conference outputs. When one team is working on your online conference materials, conference printing and conference app, you can trust that consistency can be achieved.

That’s not true if you have three different companies handling these outputs. In that case, you have to run point and make sure that all of your vendors understand your brand and can bring it to life, consistently, across several platforms.

Omnipress can help your association bring consistent branding to your attendees by handling all of your conference outputs, as well as abstract management and paper collection, all under one roof.

To see several dozen examples of websites we’ve created to deliver online conference materials to our customers in a wide variety of industries, visit the Our Work section of (Feel free to play around there to check out other examples. If you want to go right to the website examples, you’ll find them here.)

Now is the time to try Omnipress for multiple projects! Our incentive program is underway. Here’s how it works:

  • Sign a proposal with a total value of $15,000 or more by June 30th.
  • Complete final invoicing by December 31st.
  • Receive one of the following incentives, each worth $1,000!
    • 11” MacBook Air
    • Dell XPS 13 (Non-Touch)
    • 2 airline vouchers ($500)
    • $1,000 off your project

For complete details on the incentive program, visit

There’s never been a better time to try Omnipress. When you choose Omnipress’ suite of services for your conference content, you get superior customer service, consistent branding—and possibly, a valuable incentive!

Dedicated Corporate Training Project Managers

Omnipress’ project managers are dedicated. You may be thinking, Do you mean they’re dedicated to their clients, to quality, to providing the best customer service? Or do you mean that one project manager is assigned to each account?

Yes! This is not a matter of either/or—both are true. Let’s take a closer look.

Dedicated to your success: Our project managers are a talented bunch, but some of their best skills involve working with you. Whether you’re on the phone with Aaron Nord or emailing Chad Wrobel, your project manager is dedicated to understanding the problems you face, the training program you’re coordinating, and the content delivery issues you need resolved.

Our project managers pride themselves on providing you with the best experience possible as they make your company’s content available to learners. Every conversation you have with this team, led by Vice President of Production Greg Hubbard, is a testament to their dedication to making your training program a success.

Dedicated to your account: With some vendors, when you call in to ask a question or get help, you might talk to a different employee every time. No one is unfriendly, exactly, but you have to fully explain what you need and tell your backstory and other fundamental details all over again with each call. How frustrating!

Not so with Omnipress. You’ll work with one project manager from start to finish. That person will get to know your organization, your pains, and, most important of all, you personally.

Our project managers become so involved in your process that they begin to anticipate your needs, especially once you have worked with us for many years. In some cases, your Omnipress account and project managers may work with you longer than other employees in your department!

So have no fear—Omnipress project managers are dedicated, in both senses of the word, giving you the best possible experience while helping your company to deliver knowledge.

Are you ready to meet your project manager? Contact us!

The New Omnipress: Debuting at ASAE 2014

If you read last week’s blog posts, you have a good idea how Omnipress is different than it used to be. Need a refresher? We’re happy to provide one.

More products and services, especially digital ones, are available. The new website might as well leave glitter on your monitor, it’s so new and sparkly. The Omnipress team can help you find the content delivery that’s the best fit for your situation.

What hasn’t changed? Print products look sharp and are delivered to the right place, on time, and customer service is our top priority.

Next month, Omnipress will send a team of four to ASAE 2014 Annual Meeting & Exposition. The team will be on hand to give away fabulous prizes, answer your questions, and talk content delivery options. They’ll even take your picture. (More on that closer to the show!)

When CEO Tracy Gundert, Vice President of Business Development Steve Manicor, and Account Managers Holly Meyers and Tony Veroeven head to Nashville, they’ll bring more than prizes, smiles, and answers. They’ll be bringing the new Omnipress to ASAE 2014!

All-in-one convenience is what sets Omnipress apart. Our services are catered to busy association professionals. When event planners and training directors learn that working with Omnipress means fewer vendors to juggle and phone calls to make, their ears perk up. Did yours just do the same?

If you’ll be attending ASAE 2014, you are cordially invited to make plans to stop by booth #203 to visit Tracy, Steve, Holly, and Tony to see the new Omnipress in action. But why wait? Reach out to an account manager now and start the conversation today!

5 Examples of How Omnipress Has Changed For the Better

Earlier this week, we invited you to take another look at Omnipress, especially if you haven’t done so lately. The truth is, we’ve changed. Are we the printer you’ve always counted on to deliver high-quality materials to the right place, in time for your event? Of course. We’ll always play that role.

But we’re so much more than a conference printer. What’s new? We’ll spell it out for you.

First and foremost, we are equipped to offer associations more content delivery products than ever before. New and recently enhanced products and services include:

Connect App: Our new mobile event app has all the program information your attendees need and all the social features they crave, like person-to-person messaging and an event timeline to see what their colleagues are doing.

Digital Publishing Platform: Association publications are important to members, and being able to access standards, policy books, directories, and technical manuals on-the-go makes them convenient, too.

Posters: Many association events include poster sessions; we are happy to offer a suite of services to help. Count on us for poster collection, printing, and online access.

Secondly, Omnipress has taken on more of a consultative role in the process of getting your association content to members. Your first encounter with the Omnipress team might seem more like a trip to the doctor (without the needles).An account manager wants to get to know your organization and its pain points. As a full-service provider of just about every content delivery system you can imagine, we could help you move in any number of directions. Our goal isn’t to overwhelm you with choices, though; we want to learn enough about your needs and objectives to make a recommendation suited to your situation. We’re here to help with more than just content delivery. Our team is well-versed in content strategy as well.

In the third place, Omnipress makes it easy to find the information you need on our new website. Launched in April, the site has a clean, streamlined structure. It’s not easy to get lost on a website this easy to use, but you may lose track of time, exploring each page and really digging into the Our Work page, or the Meet Our Team page. Or so we’ve been told.

Number four: Omnipress provides resources you can use. Besides a website that makes researching a content provider pleasurable, we’ve included a number of tools to help you learn more. Find demos to four different Omnipress products: abstract collection, mobile event app, digital publishing, and online posters. You’ll also find thought-provoking whitepapers, relevant case studies, and helpful customer tools.

And last but not least, our customer service isn’t what it used to be—it’s even better. Whether you’re working with an account manager who’s been with the company since nearly the beginning or a project manager that was hired within the last six months, one thing is true: every member of the Omnipress team wants you to succeed and is willing to do what it takes to make that happen. So I suppose this isn’t so much a change as it is a commitment to constant improvement.

Have you seen Omnipress lately? Isn’t time you took another look? Browse to familiarize yourself with our new look and products. If you like what you see, we hope you’ll get in touch and give us the opportunity to introduce ourselves—again.

Sneak Preview: The New Will Soon Open in a Browser Near You!

Have you heard? Omnipress has a new website in development that will go live tomorrow! You can read more about it in OmniPresence, CEO Tracy Gundert’s monthly column. She covered the structure (divided by market—events, training, and publications) and introduced the product pages, the resource page, and the meet our team page.

But did you know that you’re never more than four clicks from the information you need? The pages on the new are longer, containing the details you seek about our products without spending too much time clicking into deeper levels of the site.

The new still includes components to the website that you’ve come to rely on, including live chat, resources like whitepapers and demos, and pages devoted to products like mobile event apps and conference printing.

For extra bells and whistles, check out the Mobile Event Apps page, which shows the features of our mobile app in a slider, complete with a demo you can use in the browser or download to your smartphone.

We also think you’ll love the binding and tab options gallery, which can be found on any page about printing. You’ll see examples of binding (perfect, plastic coil, saddle stitch, and more) with books from real Omnipress clients.

The Our Work page, located under Resources, shows even more examples of Omnipress’ work. Like other areas of the site, Our Work is divided into market-specific pages for events, training, and publications. Once you’re on the right page, you’ll see several examples of different associations and other organizations that have used Omnipress for their educational content delivery. You can even filter the results by the product you want, such as collection or print or case study, so you can read an in-depth account of the company’s work with us. Maybe your “before” story is relatable, and you would like to see the “after” story play out in a similar way. If that’s the “case” (get it?), you know who to contact.

We look forward to seeing you on the new site tomorrow. Stay tuned to the blog to learn how you can interact with the site and become eligible to win an iPod Touch!

Omnipress Exhibits, Meetings, & Presentations: AMCI, Experient EnVision, BLI/NABE CSE

Omnipress is coming to a conference near you, and we’d love to see you there! Our agenda for the near future:

CESSE Mid-Winter CEO Meeting – Chandler, Arizona – February 23-26, 2014

Senior Account Manager Bob Hamm will attend the CESSE (Council of Engineering and Scientific Society Executives) Mid-Winter CEO Meeting 2014. Stop by and see him if you’ll be there, too.

2014 AMC Institute Annual Meeting – Tempe, Arizona – February 26-28, 2014

CEO Tracy Gundert and Account Manager Rob Bossingham will be available at AMCI (Association Management Companies Institute) to discuss how Omnipress’ suite of services can meet the needs of AMCs.

ASAE Great Ideas – Orlando, FL – March 9-11, 2014

Tracy Gundert and Vice President of Business Development Steve Manicor will be in attendance at Great Ideas. Keep an eye out for them and don’t be afraid to start a conversation! They look forward to speaking with you.

EnVision 2014 – Las Vegas, Nevada – March 12-14, 2014

Rob Bossingham hits the road again in mid-March to present at EnVision, a networking event with one-on-one meetings and short presentations from vendor partners like Omnipress. Check the schedule for Rob’s presentation.

2014 ABA Bar Leadership Institute – Chicago, IL – March 12-14, 2014

Account Manager Holly Meyers hopes to see you at BLI in Chicago, and possibly also at the NABE CSE (National Association of Bar Executives, Chief Staff Executives), which will precede BLI (March 11-12). Holly will be on hand to answer your questions about providing educational content to NABE and BLI members.

There are many opportunities to see Omnipress on the road in the next few months, but if you’re not planning to attend any of these events and would like to see your account manager in person, contact us to see if a customer visit or an executive briefing in your neck of the woods might work out this spring or summer. In any case, we hope to see you soon!

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