How to Deliver Association Content Elements

One of my favorite things about content marketing is it has absolutely nothing to do with Chemistry.

At least that’s what I thought until I read Andy Crestodina’s article entitled, “Content Chemistry: The Periodic Table of Content.”

Apparently, content and chemistry have a lot more in common than I thought.

The Periodic Table of Content

Andy Crestodina tells us, “Content is made up of pieces. And pieces can be broken down into smaller pieces or combined into larger pieces, just like the elements on the Periodic Table.”

As an association, you naturally have many of these content elements such as Pp (Presentations), Pdf (PDFs), Bk (Books) and maybe even Eb (eBooks).

But your valuable association content doesn’t belong in a metaphoric Periodic Table. So where do you store all of the elements that make up your association?

Delivering Your Association’s Content Elements

Digital publishing platforms house all your association’s content elements, and it gives your members ONE place to find everything they’re looking for.

What does an online library look like?

Check out the Transportation Research Board’s Knowledge Center. It has everything from indexed content, to advanced search. The very best part is every page is search engine optimized, making the association find-able and discoverable on the web.

online publishing platform

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