Event Content Life Hack: Begin with Collection

Everyone needs help making life a little easier. We read articles about life hacks, how to save time and money, and work/life balance. In the office and out, we have become obsessed with making the most of our time.

When it comes to your annual meeting, there’s an easy solution that goes a long way to simplify the collection, review, and distribution of event content. Work with Omnipress for your entire event content process, from the initial call for papers through all of the outputs your association offers—conference printing, a mobile event app, posters, CDs/USBs, and/or an event content website.

This event content hack—working with Omnipress for collection—makes life easier for both your association and for us.

We have processes and teams in place to take care of your project from start to finish. We have configured our company to handle just this issue—what we do best is meet all of your event content needs under one roof.

More importantly, beginning with collection and continuing through distribution with Omnipress is easy for you, too. You have one vendor to call when you have questions or problems to address. Internal communication between Omnipress employees means you don’t have to be responsible for keeping the teams on the same page, literally or figuratively.

There are plenty of reasons to choose Omnipress for collection on its own merits. Our system is easy to navigate and user-friendly for all parties—submitters, reviewers, and association staff.

  • Collect all types of files and get the information you need from potential speakers upfront, including not only the abstracts or papers, but also bios, photos, release forms, A/V requirements, and more.
  • Control your review process with a configurable system that allows you to manually or automatically assign submissions to reviewers. You can also create review forms to help codify the scoring system your reviewers use.
  • Manage the collection process at the association level. You can decide which fields and data you wish to use, communicate with submitters and reviewers within the system, create custom reports, and create a schedule based on the excepted presentations.

It’s not too late to streamline your event content process. Step 1: Trust Omnipress to handle event content delivery for your association, beginning with collection. It’s a life hack that can have a real impact on your day-to-day activities.

4 Ways to Craft the Perfect Review Process for Your Organization

When you prepare for your next event, the first process is setting up an online collection system to handle your call for papers. It’s important to get the submission side of the process working correctly, but it’s also crucial that your review process is crafted for your organization.

And just how do you go about doing that? Let’s break it down.

  1. Require submissions to be scored by several reviewers—or not. Does each submission need to be seen by a reviewer and the chair? Two reviewers? Just the chair? Just let us know and we’ll do our best to set it up for you.
  2. Write up scoring requirements for reviewers—or don’t. Some reviewers could use a little guidance to be consistent with scoring and evaluation of submissions. Others don’t need that support. We recommend either including scoring requirements for all reviewers or none of them; in either case, we can take care of it.
  3. Include forms to clarify the process—or have reviewers use their own judgment. Providing forms for reviewers to enter scoring information and other details can help you keep all of your collection records in one place. Other organizations prefer to handle those details in a different system or on their own. There is no wrong answer, but there are systems that are too inflexible to allow for the solution you want.
  4. Communicate with individuals or groups of reviewers—or handle that communication outside of the system. Omnipress’ online abstract collection and speaker management system features an on-board email system that can help you keep collection records organized and centralized. Some associations prefer to take care of that communication using a different process.

We’re not here to judge your needs and your process. The Omnipress team might make suggestions, based on what we have seen work well for others. Your system can be as simple or complex as needed; we’ve seen both extremes and everything in between. This is your collection process, and we are committed to making it work for your organization.

We have made the collection system work for hundreds of other associations and we’d be happy to do it for yours as well. When the modules and customizations have been completed, you’ll find our system fits your needs perfectly and seems to be tailor-made for your association.

To see how our online abstract collection and speaker management system could work for you, request a demo!

Abstract Reviewers Crave a Better Online Collection System

Three cheers for abstract reviewers! Your event wouldn’t be the same without them. Abstracts submitted to your conference require vetting by subject-matter experts. When you find a good group of seasoned professional willing to do this (for no pay), it is best practice to thank them profusely and keep them happy. After all, they help you fill your event with well-researched, interesting presentations.

One way to show reviewers your appreciation for their service is to make their process as simple as possible. If it’s relatively simple and hassle-free to score and rank papers, reviewers are less likely to become frustrated.

Omnipress’ abstract management system is intuitive and comprehensive, giving reviewers a single online location to handle their assigned duties. Association staff members also appreciate the system for its tools that help manage the review process.

Association staff can:

  • Add as many reviewers as needed.
  • Assign reviewers to submissions: manually, automatically based on track or topic, or automatically to the entire pool of reviewers.
  • Determine and create scoring criteria.
  • Create review forms, which can be as simple or complex as your process requires.
  • Set multiple deadlines for a single event.

These features work together to create a system that reviewers appreciate. It’s simple to use, while also giving them a framework for consistent reviewing, with criteria and forms unique to the association and/or event. Just as with any task that involves judging or ranking, it helps to know what an ideal abstract looks like.

The next time you put out a call for reviewers, be sure to mention how the abstract management system you use makes the process easier for them. Providing the best system for reviewers to do the work will be most appreciated, and may be part of what keeps them volunteering year after year.

Recorded Webinar – Incorporate Complementary Event Technology with Your Community

Did you miss our latest webinar?

It’s ok; we recorded it!

Online event communities are becoming more popular every year, but many organizations that use this cutting edge service are still years behind when it comes to collecting and distributing content. Learn how you can improve gathering the speaker and exhibitor materials that are stored in your community and how to further shift your content into other appropriate distribution methods with the right event technology.

This 26 minute webinar goes over:

  • Questions to ask to find software that can bring additional value to your event
  • How to identify what to look for when you need to collect materials for your event and community
  • Other important factors when migrate your content to other platforms, whether it’s print, CD or flash drive or a Digital Publishing Platform
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