Forget-Me-Not: Poster Sessions

Think about your conference content—the whole process, leaving nothing out. Maybe you start with a call for papers, you work with one vendor to get your printed program squared away, another one for your online conference materials, and maybe a third for a conference app. All of the papers and abstracts have been collected and the wheels are turning to get them delivered to attendees, in print, online, and through an app.

So … you’re done, right? Everything is under control and there’s nothing else to worry about coming up to your annual meeting.

The answer is … maybe. If your association operates in the scientific, engineering, or medical field, you may be leaving an important aspect of your conference to chance—poster sessions.

Your focus may be on choosing session speakers and getting their content ready for distribution, but poster presenters bring valuable research to your annual meeting as well. Though these individuals may not be ready to support a full session, their findings are nonetheless important and worth a little time and attention.

Thankfully, Omnipress can be your single-source solution for poster presentations. (We can do the same for your accepted sessions, too.)

  • Poster collection: Use the same system to manage all submissions—abstracts, posters, final presentations, and more. The review process can help your committee determine which professionals are ready to develop a full session and which deserve some recognition, but on a smaller scale, like a poster presentation.
  • Poster printing: If you’ve ever looked around at posters and wished that quality standards were kept, you’re in luck. Recommend Omnipress as your preferred poster printer and your presenters will receive a discount off the prices found at (when they enter a special code). Your association can also receive a portion of the purchase price. (Contact us for details.) Codify the look of the posters and you’ll be pleased with the results when you walk through the hall where these presentations take place.
  • Online viewing: Give attendees the opportunity to see posters again after the conference, or a chance to see those they didn’t see in person. Presenters will appreciate the additional exposure online viewing provides.

Simplify your conference content tasks—for session and poster presentations—by working with one company that can handle it all. For more information on Omnipress’ suite of services for poster presentations, download the white paper!

10 Reasons to Take Advantage of Our Incentive Program

It’s probably not news to you that Omnipress has launched an incentive program. We have been promoting it frequently over the past four weeks. In case you missed it, or have yet to pull the trigger, here are 10 reasons to take advantage of our incentive program!

  1. You need to get moving on the conference content for your fall conference. Time is of the essence!
  2. You could use an association-owned laptop to help with on-site registration. If you qualify for the incentive program, you could earn a MacBook Air or a Dell XPS 13 (Non-Touch).*
  3. You want to check out more venues than your travel budget allows. Another incentive offered is two airline vouchers, worth $500 each. Take a trip and find the perfect place for a future annual meeting!
  4. You recognize that coordinating content for your annual meeting could be easier. Omnipress is your one-stop shop for conference content. Start with abstract management and continue through all of your outputs, with$1000-off a single vendor!
  5. You know your association’s budget could use a $1,000 break. One of the most popular incentives is $1,000 off your project. Every association’s bottom line could use a little breathing room!
  6. You are going to need to handle conference content one way or another. You might as well earn an incentive for it!
  7. You want to expand the number of content outputs you offer. This is the perfect opportunity to add a content website or a conference app, without adding to the number of vendors you have to contact to get the job done.
  8. You accept that your conference printing needs are moving beyond what your local printer can reasonably do. There will come a time when it’s not tenable to stay with your hometown printer. Have you reach that threshold?
  9. You want to work with a provider that understands associations. Does your app developer really understand what associations need and how to meet the needs of your attendees? Does your local printer? Wouldn’t you rather work with a vendor that gets it?
  10. You deserve a break. A conference planner’s job is never done, and you work hard every day to make your annual meeting a valuable experience for attendees. It’s time you got something to show for it! Take advantage of our incentive program and you’ll receive a bonus that you so richly deserve.

Now you have 10 perfectly good reasons to take the next step—register at Let us know the products and services that you need: abstract management, conference printing, online conference materials, scientific posters (collection, printing, and/or online access), CDs, USBs, and/or conference apps. One of our friendly account managers will reach out to you with solutions to your conference content woes. Get started now!


*Disclaimer: Apple is not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion. Dell is not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion. Omnipress is in no way affiliated with either Apple or Dell.

Use a Preferred Poster Printer for Consistent Quality

Chemistry infographics setDoes your association hold poster sessions at its annual meeting? Think about last year’s conference. Picture the hall where the posters were hung and the presenters delivered their research findings to attendees. No doubt there were several brilliant young professionals sharing their ideas, and thoughtful, attentive people soaking up the information.

Now think about how those posters looked. Did they all have a professional appearance? Were they all the correct size, or within the approved range? Was the quality consistent across the board?

Unless you encourage your poster presenters to use a single trusted vendor for printing, the answer to at least one of those questions is probably no. Now consider the impact that has on the attendee experience. Are they impressed with the poster sessions, or does the inconsistency of the poster quality detract from the information presented? You strive for high quality in all of the materials your session presenters use to reach attendees. Why should poster presentations be any different?

Omnipress can help with posters, from collection to online access. Printing, packing, and shipping is part of that process as well. Presenters can choose from the dozens of templates available at, making it easy for them to find the right size specified by your association.

If you promote Omnipress as your association’s preferred poster printer, you can receive additional revenue. Poster presenters must enter your association’s exclusive coupon code, which is required for accurate tracking. They will receive a discount and your association will also receive a portion of the original purchase price. (Contact a friendly account manager for more information.)

Besides the additional income for your association and a discount for presenters, another benefit of using a preferred partner is the consistent quality you’ll see in the hall where poster presentations take place.

If you don’t like the way the wide variety of quality of poster presentations reflects on your association, take control! Work with a preferred partner to maintain your standards while offering your poster presenters a discount and your association additional revenue. It’s a win for everyone involved!

For more information on the entire process of collecting, producing, and digitizing posters for your annual meeting, read our white paper, Posters Made Easy.

Taking Poster Presentations Beyond the Convention Hall: To the Internet!

For many associations in the medical, scientific, and engineering industries, poster presentations are an important part of the annual meeting. Besides giving graduate students and young professionals a platform to display and discuss their research, poster presentations give attendees the opportunity to learn about innovation in their field.

The challenge comes in when, just like other sessions, there are more good ideas to listen to them time to hear them. Providing online access to posters gives the presenters additional exposure and helps the attendees and other association members learn more about cutting-edge research.

In addition to poster collection and printing services, Omnipress offers online access to posters. Your association can control access to this information, just like other content on an event website, or leave it open to the public. It’s up to you!

Responsive design is another feature of online posters. A poster will appear differently on a desktop computer and a mobile device, whether it’s a smartphone or a tablet. Menus are shown in a manner that is appropriate for the screen being used to view it. Responsive design is a must-have in order to best read the small, dense text used in scientific research.

When attendees view poster presentations at your annual meeting, it’s worthwhile to get it closer view to read the particulars of the research being presented. That same level of detail can be seen in online posters as well. Attendees can simply hover over a section of the poster and see a pop–up that magnifies the content; then they can easily read the text. This can also be valuable when viewing complicated diagrams and charts.

To see our online poster viewer in action, take a look at our demo! You can also download or whitepaper, Posters Made Easy: Collection, Printing, & Online.

Visit Omnipress at ASAE Tech!

Next week, Omnipress will exhibit at ASAE’s Technology Conference & Expo. The event, which will take place December 15-17, is held at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland. Steve Manicor, Vice President of Business Development, and Sean Lawler, Product Director – Digital Services, will represent Omnipress.

We invite you to stop by booth 200 next week to speak with Steve and Sean. (For the schedule, including expo hours, click here.) In addition to be great conversations and free white papers, the Omnipress team will be providing fun giveaways, like all-in-one tools and portable phone chargers.

Come to booth 200 with questions about your association content delivery, whether you’re interested in digital or analog products. You can talk to Steve and Sean about:

  • Online abstract collection & speaker management: It all starts with collection. With our system, it’s easy to submit, review, and manage submissions. Moving forward to content outputs is streamlined when you begin with collection.
  • Online event services: Offer attendees the opportunity to connect with your event content where they already spend so much of their time—online.
  • Mobile event apps: The vast majority of your attendees carry smartphones or tablets. Make sure your association has some of the valuable real estate available, in the palms of your attendees’ hands.
  • Scientific posters: Omnipress can collect and print your posters, as well as provide online access to attendees and members.
  • Conference printing: Kick it old-school with a printed program. Surveys have shown that attendees of all ages appreciate reading educational materials in print.
  • CDs/USBs: Physical digital media helps associations—and attendees—bridge the gap between print and online resources. Besides, who doesn’t like a useful giveaway?
  • Anything else event content delivery that’s been on your mind!

Keep an eye on our Twitter feed for posts during ASAE Tech, a.k.a. #tech14. We hope to see you there!

Omnipress’ Event Ecosystem—for Scientific Posters

Omnipress prides itself on being your single-source solution for event content delivery. We can print just about anything you can think of, provide your association with a useful mobile event app, customize an event content website to suit your needs, and give your attendees valuable giveaways in the form of USBs and CDs. We can also collect your event materials, which makes it easier to plan your event and generate all of the outputs mentioned.

All that we can provide for your annual meeting’s full educational sessions, we can also do for poster sessions. Scientific posters have been part of our abstract collection and speaker management system for a long time, but some associations don’t realize that our system is flexible enough to get that job done, too. The same system that hundreds of associations like yours count on for review of abstracts, papers, and presentations can also be used for posters.

Individual poster presenters can work with the Omnipress team to get their poster printed and shipped to their location. Associations can work with us as a preferred partner to offer a discount to their poster presenters and earn additional revenue when a coupon code is entered. (For more information on this program, contact an account manager.) Poster presenters can find pricing and free templates at

After your annual meeting, you can offer your attendees (and members, if you choose) access to view posters online. This gives the poster presenters additional exposure of their research while giving attendees and members another opportunity to learn about the project, whether or not they were able to see the presentation live.

Partner with one provider for your event content—for all sessions, including posters—and you’ll understand the convenience that comes from getting more done with less hassle. Collection, online access, and printing all takes place under one roof, by an integrated team with procedures in place to make the process run more smoothly for association staff, reviewers, and poster presenters alike.

New Uses for Old Conference Posters

Last week on the blog, we highlighted how to handle scientific poster content before, during, and after events.

But what should be done with printed posters when the event is over? That depends on what the poster is made of… and how crafty your poster presenters are.

Jessica Polka from ASCB shares her recommendations in the fun article, “Six Uses for Old Posters.” Here are a few highlights to share with your poster presenters:

  • Keep it! Send the poster back home and have it on hand in case you’re asked to present again. For a classier display, frame the poster above your desk.
  • Display it! Use your poster as wall art outside the lab. In addition to giving research new life, posters could become conversation-starters for new students or recruits on a tour.
  • Wear it! Fabric posters can be turned into a scarf! Don’t be afraid to get creative.

A few more ideas to consider:

  • Home décor. A framed poster may be a bit much for your living room, but it might be a good match for a home office or other internal room like an exercise area. This might not be practical for a grad student living in a college town, but if you hold on to the poster now, you can use the poster as home décor later.
  • Art project. If you’re willing to barbecue your baby, so to speak, take a pair of scissors to your poster and engage in some art therapy. Cut out the most important parts—logo, authors, graphs, etc.—and rearrange them creatively with other images from trade magazines or your colleagues’ poster presentation.

Your poster presenters work hard on their research and carry posters to your annual event with pride. After the session, it’s a shame to see so many posters unceremoniously recycled. Give your poster presenters these ideas so they can leave your annual event, poster in tow, experiencing the same excitement and giddy anticipation they felt coming in.

Much of that pride is born with the research and writing, of course, but when the poster looks professional and crisp, presenters’ confidence goes through the roof. If the younger members of your association feel that good after a poster session, they’ll associate their success with not only their own research prowess but also with your association.

Work with a printer that knows the association industry, like Omnipress, and you’ll get a poster you can be proud of for years to come and a print experience that’s easy and hassle-free.

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