The Truth about Environment Impact & Printed Educational Materials

Here’s the situation: Your association’s continuing education program depends on great instructors and quality content. Every year, you wonder, as the course books are printed and shipped, about the environmental impact of all that paper and ink. So many of your learners already have tablets, smartphones, or eReaders. Would it be better to offer only digital copies of training materials?

Environmental impact is just one of many factors that goes into your decision on content distribution, though. Avid readers of the blog will remember that we recently released the results of our independent survey of over 500 young professionals (age 22-33). Their answers showed their preference for print when asked about professional and educational materials, also stating that printed materials are better for reference and easier to learn from than digital materials. (For full survey results, download the white paper.)

A growing body of research supports the notion that reading print leads to better retention. Where your association’s continuing education program is concerned, this should be your primary concern, above environmental concerns, cost, and reader preference. We’ve said it before, and we believe it’s true: Print is a best practice for educational materials.

Which is not to say that online versions of printed materials are completely devoid of merit. Convenience is an oft-cited selling point of online distribution of content, as is the flexibility of dynamic content. Once a printed course book is off the press, there’s nothing to be done about that typo or a research-based claim that has recently been called into question.

On the environmental front, an article from The Huffington Post sheds some much-needed light: It’s basically a wash, and certainly not enough of a distinction to play a large role in decision-making. The environmental impact of eReaders and smartphones depends on how often you upgrade your device and how often you use them to read. Unless you read somewhere north of 100 books before trading your device in for a newer model, print has no bigger a carbon footprint than its digital counterpart.

As you determine how to deliver continuing education content to learners, keep your ultimate goals in mind. If your mission includes the professional development of your association’s members, and their implementation of what they learn in your continuing education courses in their daily work, the choice is easy: Printed training materials are best.

It’s About Time: Order Fulfillment

Note: Last week, we discussed the issue of time as it relates to inventory management. You can read that article here.

Though on Sunday we turn our calendars to February, it’s not too late to establish some better habits for 2015. Many people resolve to better manage their time. This sometimes takes the shape of work/life balance, but it makes sense to take control of how you spend your time on the job as well.

Eliminating unnecessary or redundant tasks can help streamline your workday. If you work with a printer for your training materials that also handles fulfillment, taking on that work yourself is somewhat redundant.

Sure, you may save a few bucks. But the hoops you’ll need to jump through to teach yourself and your staff how to manage shipping, especially if multiple locations are used or international shipping is required, will make you wonder if it’s worth the savings.

If your years on this earth that taught you anything, it’s that there are experts in every activity you can imagine. Omnipress employs several experts in shipping and fulfillment. In fact, the average number of years with the company of Omnipress production team members is a whopping 20! With that much time invested, most of them certainly qualify as experts.

Your expertise, on the other hand, is likely in a different skill set altogether. To maximize your time in the office, focusing on your strengths is key. If packing boxes and handling shipping is indeed your strong suit, perhaps you’re in the wrong line of work. It’s much more likely, though, that you view order fulfillment as a have-to-do, not a love-to-do.

According to Dr. Rebecca Keller, CEO and Founder of Gravitas Publications, “I didn’t get into the game to get good at fulfillment. Life is short! We really don’t get that much time, so why waste it packing up books?”

Working with Omnipress gave Dr. Keller the time she needed to build her business. “I didn’t have a big enough vision to know what this would look like off my plate and how much it would free me up. Omnipress is really allowing me to see my dreams and my vision fulfilled.”

If that is the kind of fulfillment you’d like to see for your association in 2015, it’s time to think about outsourcing print, fulfillment, and inventory management of your training materials.

For more information on Dr. Keller’s story, read the case study or listen to one of Omnipress’ podcast episodes that feature her as a special guest. (You can enjoy Real-Science-4-Kids Outsourcing Case Study, Print Books Build Better Brains, or both.)

Make 2015 the year you get real about time management! The first step is recognizing how and where your time is not being optimized and take action to correct it. Order fulfillment might not be the best use of your talent and resources, but it’s someone’s specialty, and you’ll find that Omnipress is just the partner you need to make positive changes in your day-to-day life.

Get Your Corporate Training Materials Organized with Custom Kitting

Is getting organized, at home and in the office, a goal for you in 2015? We’ll leave it to another source (May I suggest Real Simple?) to help you around the house, but Omnipress can give you a hand with your office, at least in terms of your training materials.

Are your training materials piled in corners of your office space, waiting to be packed into boxes when learners place their orders? If your organization has taken on the task of creating kits and shipping them to registrants of your training courses, consider working with Omnipress to cross that task off of your to do list—permanently. Besides comprehensive print and fulfillment services, we can also help with kitting.

This can take the form of pick, pack, and ship, but we can also include items other than the content covered in your training courses. For example, some of our clients ask us to put together a package that includes course books, instructor manual, study guides, exams, completion certificates, and #2 pencils.

Others want to include materials for the classroom, like a wall chart. A third option is including a CD, DVD, or USB that contains a digital copy of your training content. It’s up to you! Wondering if we can accommodate your organizations unique needs? Just ask!

Custom kitting is just one more way that Omnipress makes it easier to manage your training content production and delivery. To stay even more organized, work with Omnipress for all of your training content needs: printed materials, physical digital media (CD/DVD/USB), online access to training content, order fulfillment (including custom kitting), and inventory management.

What would your kit contain? Let us know in the comments!


Achieve the Happy Medium: Outsourcing Fulfillment of Your Corporate Training Materials

When you decide to outsource a task, you may want to maintain some control over the process—without having to do it yourself. At the very least, you’d like to remain aware of what’s going on.

This is true when it comes to print and fulfillment of your corporate training materials. The idea of having a trusted partner handle this on your behalf is attractive; packing and shipping boxes is not your idea of a good time, or even a productive workday.

On the other hand, you’re not entirely comfortable leaving this task to anyone who might not have your best interest in mind. Part of the reason you hadn’t outsourced this process long ago is your commitment to delivering not just course books and manuals, but also your organization’s promise of quality and timeliness. Leaving this in the hands of anyone besides you and your colleagues feels disingenuous.

The best choice is to find a happy medium—a process you don’t have to implement yourself, but can follow closely to make sure your learners’ needs are met. When you partner with Omnipress for the print and fulfillment of your corporate training materials, you have 24/7 access to standard reports so you can stay in the loop. Custom reports are also available to meet your organization’s specific needs.

To learn more about Omnipress’ complete suite of services for corporate training programs, download our whitepaper—Simplify with an All-in-One Partner: Best Practices for Continuing Education Training Materials. Give it a read and let us know what you think in the comments!

Have You Heard? Millennials Prefer Printed Materials

Not unlike event planners, training professionals struggle with how to deliver content. Do young adult learners want everything online, or is there still a place for printed training materials?

We were curious, too, so we asked Millennials to weigh in on the subject. Download our whitepaper, written specifically with training professionals in mind, for the full results. Here’s a preview, from the preface of Millennials & Training: How & Why Your Youngest Learners Read from the Printed Page:

Educational content is best delivered in print. To make your continuing education (CE) course or seminar as meaningful as possible, print is an important and necessary component. When it comes to association members taking CE courses, print is a best practice.

Strong views? Yes, but with experience and evidence to back them up, we stand by them. Associations have been tempted to stop printing course books, workbooks, and study guides. That would be a grave mistake.


What do you think? Take a look at the whitepaper and leave a comment below. You can also contact us on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook, or reach out by phone (800-828-0305) or email.

Need more options? No problem—try a Contact Us form or live chat at We would love to hear what you think!

Why You Should Use a Single-Source Solution for Your Corporate Training Program

When it comes to your corporate training program, it helps to work with a content provider that can meet many of your delivery needs. The fewer places you have to turn for help, the easier your day. Communication is streamlined, project management is improved, and your to-do list is shortened.

Omnipress offers more of the services you may need to deliver corporate training materials to learners, including print, CDs/USBs, design and formatting services, online training materials, custom kitting, and inventory management.

Print services: With 37 years of experience, Omnipress knows print. Whatever your organization needs to be successful, we can get it done. Our experienced project managers and tenured production staff (with an average of 20 years with the company!) can help bring your ideas to fruition.

Design and formatting services: Need help bringing your content to the printed page? Omnipress design and formatting services to the rescue! Count on our design team to take your quality content up a notch. Good design and formatting makes your content easier to read and highlights important points.

CDs/USBs: Physical digital media has been in on the presses wheelhouse for many years: since 1995 for CDs and 2008 for USBs. These products bridge the gap between printed materials and online resources, giving learners a method to access content digitally, even if internet connectivity is not available.

Online training materials: Learners appreciate the opportunity to connect with your content online. Some students wish to read ahead and come to class prepared to engage in a discussion, even if course books are not available until instructor-led training begins. Other content works better online, including videos and other interactive materials.

Custom kitting: Let Omnipress take care of preparing kits for each training your organization conducts. Streamline instructor preparation by having, for example, 25 course books, 30 highlighters, 25 learning guides, one instructor manual, and 25 certificates shipped as a complete package to the site of your learning event.

Fulfillment: Omnipress can integrate its order processing system with your online store or course registration system, making it simple to connect a learner with the correct course materials.

Inventory management: Keep track of how many books you have on hand by trusting Omnipress to handle inventory management on your behalf. You’ll have 24/7 access to reports online, as well as the ability to create custom reports to meet your specific needs.

The more you work with Omnipress for your corporate training content delivery, the more we can learn about your organization and how to create a process and customize outputs to aid learner retention.

What’s more, your job becomes easier because you don’t have to reach out to multiple vendors to complete a project. This frees up staff time for mission-critical work, which in turn can lead to the expansion of your training programs. Just think how much more effective your program can be if you choose a single-source provider!

Reach out to Omnipress today to learn more about how our services can streamline your content delivery process!

Choosing a Provider for Printed Corporate Training Materials

Printed materials are a best practice for training, and education of all types. According to a recent survey we conducted (stay tuned for the results!), most corporate trainers provide printed materials for on-site training.

How often you print new course books depends on several factors. How frequently is content updated? If changes come along often, print on demand might be the best fit. If content is unlikely to need updating, a longer print run would be more economical. (Your organization could save with volume pricing.)

It helps to partner with a provider that is deadline-focused and understands the importance of high-quality, error-free materials delivered to the right location, on time. Whether you prefer to send books to individual participants or to the training event site, you should be able to count on a trusted partner to get it done.

Consistent branding is also very important especially if you provide content in other formats such as a website or companion USB. Your organization’s colors, logo, and overall feel should be the same across all platforms. When you work with one provider for all of your content delivery needs, that is more likely to happen. Clear communication is maintained, resources are shared, and your vision doesn’t need to be repeated to multiple vendors. Check back next week for other advantages of working with a single-source provider for your corporate training content delivery.

Before you decide on a provider for your printed corporate training materials, make sure you get a chance to meet the people you’ll be interacting with on the project. Some companies look good on paper, but their customer service falls short of expectations. At Omnipress, your project is in very capable hands, thanks to the hard work and dedication of our project managers. To learn more about printing with Omnipress, contact us today!

Dedicated Corporate Training Project Managers

Omnipress’ project managers are dedicated. You may be thinking, Do you mean they’re dedicated to their clients, to quality, to providing the best customer service? Or do you mean that one project manager is assigned to each account?

Yes! This is not a matter of either/or—both are true. Let’s take a closer look.

Dedicated to your success: Our project managers are a talented bunch, but some of their best skills involve working with you. Whether you’re on the phone with Aaron Nord or emailing Chad Wrobel, your project manager is dedicated to understanding the problems you face, the training program you’re coordinating, and the content delivery issues you need resolved.

Our project managers pride themselves on providing you with the best experience possible as they make your company’s content available to learners. Every conversation you have with this team, led by Vice President of Production Greg Hubbard, is a testament to their dedication to making your training program a success.

Dedicated to your account: With some vendors, when you call in to ask a question or get help, you might talk to a different employee every time. No one is unfriendly, exactly, but you have to fully explain what you need and tell your backstory and other fundamental details all over again with each call. How frustrating!

Not so with Omnipress. You’ll work with one project manager from start to finish. That person will get to know your organization, your pains, and, most important of all, you personally.

Our project managers become so involved in your process that they begin to anticipate your needs, especially once you have worked with us for many years. In some cases, your Omnipress account and project managers may work with you longer than other employees in your department!

So have no fear—Omnipress project managers are dedicated, in both senses of the word, giving you the best possible experience while helping your company to deliver knowledge.

Are you ready to meet your project manager? Contact us!

Simplify & Organize with Custom Kitting

Your days and evenings are full—during the holidays and otherwise. Sure, there are peaks and valleys throughout the year in your association’s continuing education training program, but it often feels like there are getting to be more peaks than ever, while the valleys are few and far between.

Any time you have the opportunity to get something off your plate so you can focus on your educational mission, you’ll take it, or at the very least, take a look at it. If the task is especially time-consuming but could make your courses more efficient and organized, you’ve got another great reason to consider having someone else handle it.

Custom kitting certainly qualifies. It would take you and your staff a long time to assemble kits for each class, but it does help the instructor stay organized. You might think of kitting as a nice-to-have, but once you try having someone else handle it, you’ll see how convenient it is. Many of our clients try it once and never look back.

What does kitting look like? Though every organization is different, here are a few examples from our updated training services white paper:

Example #1:
1 instructor manual
20 student course books
20 Scantron sheets
25 #2 pencils

Example #2:
25 student workbooks
25 quick reference guides
25 highlighters
1 wall chart
25 marketing brochures

Kitting is just one aspect of our comprehensive order fulfillment process, which is only part of the suite of services we offer associations. Omnipress can guide you through the steps of providing training materials to your learners, starting with print on demand (which can include formatting and design services), continuing through order fulfillment, which is linked to inventory management, all of which can be complemented with online training materials. We’ll be there for you from the beginning on, answering questions and offering suggestions along the way.

Stay organized and spend more time on mission-critical tasks. As your print and fulfillment partner, Omnipress has your kitting and bundling needs, shall we say, wrapped up.

Moving Beyond Print: Other Avenues to Information for Corporate Training Students

How should you provide professional and educational content to learners? Many variables factor in to the answer, including budget, types of content covered, and method of instruction. Printed materials are a best practice for educational content and should be included in your plans. In fact, printed course books are widely considered to be the best format for effective learning.

Supplemental materials can be delivered in other formats, though, and some content works best that way. It makes sense, for example, to deliver video tutorials as part of an online library of resources. Interactive polls also work well in this format.

Some students prefer to access course content on a computer. Offer CDs or USBs to give them a chance to supplement their printed materials with digital resources. When you give learners multiple avenues to important information, retention improves.

Your printed training materials, whether they cover content for a certification course or a curriculum for a homeschooling program, are the cornerstone of your class. Consider delivering content online or through physical digital media (CDs, DVDs, and USBs) to supplement the critical course content you present in print.

How to Improve Your Process for Corporate Training Materials in One Easy Step

Many steps are required to take your training materials from a Word document on your computer to a finished course book, ready for learners to read. After they are formatted, designed, and printed, the books need to be shipped, either to individual students or to the class location.

You need to keep track of those books and order more when needed, so inventory management is also on your to-do list. Do you offer online access to training content? Then there’s even more to do. Are learners given a USB drive, too? … You get the idea, and if your head is starting to spin, you’re not alone.

It’s best for learners to offer training materials in multiple formats, and managing the distribution of those materials is important. But if you have tried to take care of all of these steps on your own, you should know that there is a better way.

There are many companies that can help you with the individual components of training content delivery. You can call on a graphic designer to do the formatting and design, a printer to handle production of the course books, a warehouse for fulfillment and inventory management, a webmaster for online access, and a … fifth vendor for USBs or DVDs.

If you take this approach, your list of tasks to do will be shorter, but you might spend all of the time you saved, just getting all of your vendors on the same page. You’ve moved the work off of your plate, but it’s been replaced by endless communication steps to coordinate the process you outsourced. In the end, “improving your process” has solved nothing!

What you really need is a one-stop shop for your training content delivery. One source to get it all done—formatting, design, printing, fulfillment, inventory management, online training content, and physical digital media (USBs, CDs, and DVDs).

Omnipress to the rescue! A single-source solution for training materials isn’t a pipe dream—it’s a reality, and the only step you need to take to get started is to contact us. To learn more about Omnipress as a provider of training materials for corporations and small publishers, read 7 Reasons Omnipress is the Right Fit for Corporate Training Companies and Anatomy of Corporate Training: Delivering Continuing Education Materials. Want more detail? Try our white paper, Simplifying with an All-in-One Partner: Best Practices for Continuing Education Training Materials.

When you’ve learned more about us, we’d love to get a chance to know you! Leave a comment below, call us at 800-828-0305, email us through our website, contact us through live chat on the website, or find us on social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook). We look forward to hearing from you!

5 Reasons to Print Your Corporate Training Materials with Omnipress

Printed educational materials, delivered on time and error-free to teachers and learners, is a critical component of a successful training event. It pays to find the right partner to assist you in making this happen. Why is Omnipress the best choice? These five reasons, for starters.

  1. Experience: With 37 years of experience and counting, there’s no doubt that Omnipress knows print. We are committed to producing your organization with the best printed materials for training—be it handbooks, manuals, exams, workbooks, learning guides, certificates, or many other options.
  2. Format and design services: Not only can we provide beautiful, high-quality course books, study guides, and exams, but we also help you get there. Formatting and design services, which help your content look its best, are available, too.
  3. Customer service focus: Our team starts its work with you by making a concerted effort to thoroughly understanding the objectives of your content. Then we develop recommendations, specific to your situation, to help you provide your printed course materials to learners. We listen first and then offer the best solution to meet your needs.
  4. Dedicated project managers: Our experienced team has seen it all. They know printing best practices and have the ability and foresight to advise you when you need help.
  5. Single-source convenience: Trust Omnipress as your single-source solution for printed training materials. We can handle the whole process to make your life easier: print books, pack boxes, ship course books, kit supplemental materials, manage inventory, and provide online access to materials—under one roof!

We have a bonus list for you! See below for the types of materials you can print with Omnipress.

  • Course books
  • Workbooks
  • Handbooks
  • Instructor’s Manuals
  • Textbooks
  • Quick-Reference Guides
  • Learning Guides
  • Memory Jogger Cards
  • Supplemental Learning Materials
  • Wall Charts
  • Practice Exams
  • Tests
  • Exams (Scantrons)
  • Certificates
  • Many more—just ask!

Whether your company holds professional development courses or classroom training and education, we can help. Trust Omnipress to print your training materials, keeping costs low and satisfaction high.

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