Tablets Surpassing Traditional PCs: Another Reason to Move to Responsive Design

Recently, we’ve been talking a lot about the advantages of responsive design on your Digital Publishing Platform. Responsive design, in a nutshell, is being able to have one website that appears correctly on tablets, mobile phones and traditional PCs (Watch John Eisele’s video explaining responsive design). You don’t need to pay big money to have a mobile site, tablet site and regular website anymore. With responsive design, you’re able to save on cost while giving your visitors the best viewing experience possible on any device.

Now, Gartner, a leading information technology research and advisory company, has released a report stating:

“Traditional PC market (is) predicted to decline 7.6 percent as change in consumers’ behavior drives transition to tablets and ultramobiles.”

That’s right, we have been ahead of the curve this whole time, and now we are seeing the true shift from traditional PC to tablets and mobile devices happen right before our eyes.

The report goes on to say that worldwide tablet shipments are forecast to total 197 million units in 2013. That’s a 69.8% increase from the total shipment amount from last year. The extreme growth can be accredited to prices dropping rather quickly in the emerging market.

See the full report here


What This Means for Your Association

This means your members are continuing the shift of using devices with smaller screen sizes than traditional PCs. You should be making sure that your Digital Publishing Platform is able to adapt to any screen size that your members are trying to access your content with. That means having a system that has Responsive Design capability that can automatically optimize the viewing and navigation experience for visitors.

We have done our best to stay ahead of the curve and already offer a Digital Publishing Platform that has responsive design in order to keep you and your association ahead of the curve, and in front of your members.

If you don’t have a platform with responsive design, how many members do you think are leaving your site wanting more?


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