Flip That Book

Do you remember when you were just five years old? It was a time you could just be creative and everyone thought it was “cute.” There were no lines to color inside of. The people you drew had an odd shaped head, big ears, stick legs and no body. There were no rules to being creative. Then we hit the educational system that washed that creativity down the drain.

Well the folks at the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology brought out their inner child creativity when they combined their printed abstract book with their printed program book into a single book for their annual conference. How did they get creative? They flipped the contents of one book so that their book had no back cover. No matter which end of the book you opened, attendees were in the the front section. No back covers!

Being Creative Has It Advantages

  • They saved 35% in printing costs (over $6,000): By combining two books, they only needed one cover and one bind.
  • Less hassle for on-site staff: Instead of having extra boxes and two books to hand to each delegate, they dealt with less boxes and just one book.
  • Easier for attendees: Attendees just “flipped their book” to get to the table of contents for each book.

Flip That Book Video Overview (by Paul Wehking)

Are there ways for you to be creative, save money while keeping the attendees in mind?

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