Why Associations Should Go Online: Generate Revenue & Improve SEO

As your partner, Omnipress offers products that benefit not only association members, but the association itself as well. We’re here to make your life easier and help support your organization however we can. The Digital Publishing Platform helps improve your association’s reach by extending your brand, attracting new members, and engaging the existing membership.

But let’s get real. Some of the most compelling reasons your association should use a DPP haven’t even surfaced yet – until today! For example, I doubt your association would turn down a new revenue stream. Improving your search results online would be a major win, too, wouldn’t it? Omnipress can help you do that. Read on!

Generate Revenue — Your association probably offers publications (magazines, journals, newsletters) and other printed materials, like manuals, policies, and other books. Do you charge for those materials? I’ll assume yes. The same can be done for online resources! Your association can set up a fee structure for access to content, which will provide a steady non-dues revenue stream. You could charge for each piece of content, base access on role or membership type, or set up subscriptions. Annual subscription fees set you up for yearly financial benefits.

Improve SEO —Your association’s SEO (search engine optimization) results directly impact your organization. If potential new members can find you, they are much more likely to join and purchase access to your content. By going online, you give search engines – and new members – more opportunities to find your association.

Clearly, this system is a compelling way to present content and benefit your association in the process. Intrigued? Schedule a demo!

We’re so excited about this product, we’re not even done telling you all about it. Your assignment for tomorrow: Think about what content can be included in a Digital Publishing Platform. Think big, then bigger. I bet we still have a longer list than you just made. Check back tomorrow for the first installment!

5 Reasons Google Webmaster Tools are Essential for Conference Websites

Take a moment and think about how many times a day you use a search engine.

Do you Google? According to Experian, out of approximately 15 billion searches done every month, 65% of those are done on the search engine powerhouse, Google. That’s fewer than 10 billion searches every month that Google processes and puts in front of searchers.

Google Webmaster Tools are essential tools you must use in order to give your conference website the best chance to rank highly (other than good SEO practices, of course). All you need to do is simply install a small piece of code or upload a small file to your site, and Google is handing over some extremely important information.

Here is some of the great information Google Webmaster Tools provides:

  1. Search Query Stats
    Ever wonder how well your conference website is doing on Google? Webmaster Tools tell you how many impressions your site gets, as well as how many clicks those impressions generated. You can also see which keywords are generating the most traffic to your site.
  2. Sitemap Submitter
    You can submit a sitemap directly to Google. This means you’re giving the “boss” of search engines all of your information and asking them to “take a look.”
  3. Crawl Errors and Stats
    Webmaster Tools supplies you with in-depth information about the errors on your conference or annual meeting website, such as “Not Found” errors. It also gives you helpful graphs showing how many pages the Googlebots have been active on in the last 90 days.
  4. Links to Your Site
    This great tool allows you to see where you are getting links from and how many exist. In SEO, this is huge because incoming links from well-respected sources are a must for high rankings.
  5. HTML Improvements
    Webmaster Tools will allow you to see improvements you should make in accordance to SEO rankings. In other words, Google is actually telling you what it wants you to do to increase your search engine rankings.

Using Google Webmaster Tools will help your organization better understand your website and its search engine rankings. To help your website get in front of as many potential members as possible, try these tools out for yourself!

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Creating Content and Being Findable Leads to More Attendees and Members

An event blog and must-read content on your web site are powerful tools for attracting members and attendees.

In a recent Hubspot webinar, “How to Use SEO and Social Search for Lead Generation“, I learned that 45% of companies who blog have gotten revenue from that blog. And, those companies who blog increase web site visitors by 55% over those who do not.

Your association or conference is the same as any other business. You are trying to attract more attendees, sponsors and exhibitors to your event, and members to your organization.

With Google being one of the most popular web sites in the world, being found on the Internet is extremely important.

If you’re considering creating a event blog or updating your existing web site, here are techniques (by time period) shared by Hubspot that can help your web site rank higher in Google.


  • Use a lot of keywords in your title and body of your pages – technique not used much anymore
  • Use meta data descriptions and keywords – technique not used much anymore

2000 – 2010

  • Use some keywords in your title and body of your pages
  • Create useful content (tips, ideas, etc.)
  • Promote content in social media outposts and via email
  • Use call to action on your pages

2010 – Future

  • Publish more and more content (blogs are great – publish 3-4 times per week)
  • Be active in social media, often
  • Build large volumes of followers in social media
  • Use call to action on your pages

In a nutshell, you need a content marketing strategy and you need to keep moving forward with the plan if you want to keep your organization front and center. And, no longer can you hide behind the fear of social media. Rather you should embrace it as your friend as it is playing an important role in your organization being found and staying relevant.

Three Great Resources on Blogging and Creating Content

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