Anatomy of a Training Manual [Infographic]


Your training manual is full of essential information. But are you taking advantage of everything you can to engage your learners?

From the formatting of pages to how they are bound, many factors impact the way students interact with your materials. Make sure your manual is following industry best practices!

Anatomy of a Training Manual [Infographic]

The State of Continuing Education Content: Results of the 2016 Survey of CE Professionals

The outlook for the continuing education (CE) and training market is extremely strong, with both spending and demand expected to increase fairly consistently over the next several years, causing many organizations to increase the number of educational programs they intend to deliver in 2016. At the same time, participant expectations are changing as tech-based learning options become more accessible. What impact will this have on those responsible for developing and implementing educational programs? What challenges will they face in 2016 and beyond?

We conducted an online survey of 90 continuing education and training professionals to understand the current state of CE content, key challenges, and how organizations are preparing for the future.

Insight #1: More than half of respondents are planning to deliver more programs this year, with little to no increase in budget.

Fifty-two percent of those surveyed expected the number of training programs to increase slightly or significantly, while only thirty-two percent anticipated an increase in budget. This will likely present challenges for training professionals, particularly as they also plan to increase the breadth of content formats offered to learners providing a greater blend of print, digital, and mobile, and with it, increased choice for learners.

What other insights did organizations provide about current and future challenges facing CE professionals? Read the full report here, and let us know what you think.

3 Mistakes Associations Make With On-Site Training

Association’s on-site training events play a critical role in building relevancy and increasing membership value and satisfaction. In fact, in our recent survey out of 280 respondents, 97.8% told us their on-site training seminars are valuable/extremely valuable for attendees.

But with dwindling training budgets (60.3%), frequent content changes (57.1%) and inventory management (44.3%) being the top challenges many associations are allocating more of their funds from on-site to online training.

Allocating more of your association’s budget to online training is not a mistake, but there are a few you should avoid in the process…

3 Avoidable Mistakes for On-Site Training

  1. Ditching Printed Training Materials. Even if your association is moving some of your educational training content online, certain materials like training manuals or instructor manuals still hold their value in print. According to our recent survey, printed materials were said to be nearly 90% effective for on-site training. So it may not be time to ditch the plastic coil student workbooks, but it might be time to complement them with online availability.
  2. Lacking Interactivity. One-way lectures are sure to draw your attendees’ attention from learning to daydreaming, texting and checking email. Make your association training fun and engaging. Interactive learning can help participants relax and feel comfortable within the environment which ultimately leads to a more effective trainings seminar.
  3. Archiving Training Content in a LMS. If you’re looking for a place to store last year’s training materials online, your LMS may initially look like a great option, right? Ehhh… If you’re looking to create an ongoing online archive of your dynamic training content, you need to have a robust digital publishing platform (which will also benefit your SEO). Just because your LMS is great for administering eLearning and issuing credits doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a great place to store your content.

Remember: It’s all about optimizing the learning and networking experience for your members.

What are you doing to optimize their experience? Talk to us on Twitter: #omnipress

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