Virtual Event Platform Comparison: A Needs Assessment

While the calendar shows that 2020 is behind us, uncertainty surrounding the timing of in-person events is not. The common belief is that in-person conferences could return at some point during the second half of the year. But exactly when, and at what capacity, is still unknown.

As meeting professionals plan for either a full or partial virtual event in 2021, they are faced with the daunting task of assessing and selecting a virtual event platform in a marketplace that has expanded tenfold since the pandemic began less than a year ago.

Got Demo Fatigue From Virtual Event Platform Comparison?

According to one association-based meetings manager, “I’m completely overwhelmed by the options, and honestly, the demos start to blur together.”

Sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone. Demo fatigue is real, especially when you’re trying to select a platform that fits within your budget, is manageable for your team, and meets the needs of a diverse set of attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors.

Identify Your Organization’s Platform Needs With This Worksheet

To make it easier to narrow in on the best solution for your event, we’ve created this handy Virtual Event Platform Needs Assessment Worksheet.

Before you schedule any product demos, take some time to think about and document your answers to the six questions outlined in this worksheet. Taking this time will accomplish several key things:

  1. Completing it ahead of the demo not only gives you a more finely tuned checklist of requirements to evaluate but also ensures the rest of your planning team is aligned early in the process.
  2. It’s easy to be “wowed” by features that are fun and interesting but provide minimal added value to your event. Our worksheet will help you separate and prioritize must-have vs. nice-to-have features.
  3. Providing this information to your potential vendor partners helps them deliver a more personalized and relevant product demo so you can spend your limited time on features and functionality that actually matter to you.

Download the worksheet

Whether you’re thinking about featuring a simple agenda with a few session links on our own website or are looking for an end-to-end, immersive virtual experience, using our worksheet to organize and prioritize your needs and requirements will make it easier to navigate your options.

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