In reflecting on yesterday’s post, I found myself wondering to what extent adults dealt with their own screen time troubles. With no one to tell us it’s time to put the smartphone away to truly experience something in the here and now, do we have the self-discipline required to give it a rest?

It depends. Steve Tappin, CEO of Xinfu and Founder of, addresses this issue in his article “Smartphone & Web Addicted? Ready for Rehab?” He helps you determine the extent of your addiction and whether you need “digital detox” or merely a sensible curfew.

In my daily life, I’ve incorporated a little of both. Sometimes I take what I’ve called a “tech time-out,” for durations big and small, when I am feeling the pull of online connection a bit too strongly. Though I can’t remember the last full day I disconnected, sometimes I’ll take an afternoon or a few hours to fully commit to what I’m doing in real life. Shh! “Breaking Bad” is on.

Do you feel addicted to your tech tools? How do you deal with it? Are you convinced that it’s important to have a mobile event app to capture the attention of association members who live online? Check back next week for tips on making that mobile app happen—without adding (too much) to your to-do list.

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