If you manage your association’s call for papers, you may be used to getting a lot of questions. Your four-year-old’s game of “Why?” is the only conversation more frustrating than sending out a fourth password change email to a submitter.

It’s enough to make you wonder whether there’s a better way to go about managing submissions. Good news! There is: work with Omnipress for abstract management.

Take care of your submitters—and yourself. When you work with Omnipress, we handle the technical support for the abstract management system. Submitters can submit a request for support within the system; you don’t have to be the go-between. That leaves you time to take care of other conference planning tasks. We know you’ve got dozens of those on your list!

In a case study, Conference Manager Jill Schmitz of Wisconsin Union expressed the relief she experienced when Omnipress took over technical questions:


The amount of time I’ve spent on abstract management has been reduced by 90%. I used to get 20-30 emails a day for each conference (with about six conferences each year doing collection) with submission and layout questions. Maybe 70% of those emails are gone now, and the ones I do get are about the conference itself, not the collection system.


Sounds good, right? You can get similar results for yourself and your association. Your dedicated project manager will help make abstract management easier for you at every step. Our technical support team does the same for your submitters.

Superior customer service is the cornerstone of Omnipress’ success. Our people are the best answer to the question, “Why Omnipress?”

Contact us today to set up a personalized demo to address your current abstract management frustrations. Once you make the call, relief will be underway!

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