With a baseball in hand, sporting a blue Marshall baseball t-shirt and matching hat Paul Wehking, Omnipress’ Vice President of Strategic Accounts “ignited” his audience at ASAE’s 2011 Annual Meeting by welcoming attendees…

“Hello everyone, and welcome to the ballpark!”

This year ASAE featured two blocks of
Ignite sessions
where presenters were forced to think outside the box and inside the head of their attendees. In Ignite sessions, speakers were allowed 5 minutes to present 20 slides which automatically advanced every 15 seconds.

This new learning format required speakers to find a unique way to gain attendees’ attention while keeping their presentation concise. This format also served as a live experiment for associations looking to bring life into stale program formats.

Leadership Lessons – A Quick Trip Around the Bases

Wehking’s session entitled, “Leadership Lessons Learned While Coaching Little League Baseball “defined the leadership role in an organization by taking attendees to the ballgame.

Follow Wehking as he takes attendees from first base (aka “communication”) to home plate (aka “celebration”) teaching the leadership lessons he learned coaching little league.

*Unfortunately, the video of Wehking’s presentation does not show his presentation slides. If you’d like to see the 20 slides which accompanied his presentation, you can view them here.

For more Ignite sessions, check out asaecenter.

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