When your association looks for an abstract management solution, you’ll find that there are a number of different options available to you. Some are basic, out-of-the-box solutions that cost little in initial capital, but their limitations cause frustrations that actually are expensive (in terms of time and sanity). Other systems are highly customizable, which can make it easier to achieve the functionality you need, but development fees add up quickly. Custom systems tend to be frightfully expensive.

Omnipress’ system represents a good compromise of the two extremes. It can be configured to complement your association’s submission and review processes, but, technically, it is not a custom system. That means it doesn’t incur the program development costs that such a system requires, helping to keep your budget in check.

Configuration may sound like a limiting term, but it’s pretty amazing how much you can adapt our abstract management system to meet your needs. Here are a few examples to illustrate:

Collection process

  • Any file type or size can be collected, including video and audio, making it easier for submitters to paint a complete picture of their presentation.
  • Submission forms can include fields for the information you’ll need as you plan your annual meeting. Get it up front so you don’t have to chase it down later.
  • Professionals can begin a submission, save their progress, and return later to complete it.

Review process

  • Reviewers can use scoring criteria created by your association to keep evaluations consistent. The Omnipress team can help you set these up.
  • Submissions can be assigned based on criteria your association sets up or distributed to reviewers randomly.
  • Abstracts can undergo one review round or several, depending on what your association needs.

Abstract management

  • Submitters can be required to include payment with their abstract. This helps tie more serious intent to a submission and can defray the cost of the system.
  • Association staff can use an onboard email system to communicate with submitters and reviewers, either through mass or individual messages.
  • Data reports can be chosen from the standard set or created by the Omnipress team to help you manage the process.

Choose an abstract management and paper collection system that can be configured to match your process—without breaking the bank with development costs. Best of all, you’ll have the support of your dedicated project manager from start to finish. That’s just one person to call with questions. You won’t have to describe your association’s situation over and over again just to get an answer and get on with your day. What you get is a partner to guide you through your abstract management process who will get to know you and your association, providing personalized service and suggestions at every step.

Is Omnipress’ abstract management and paper collection system the right fit for your organization? Find out! Reach out to us to get the conversation started, or begin by reading our whitepaper, which goes through considerations to keep in mind as you evaluate systems.

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