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Membership growth, program growth, and increasing member engagement are three goals that are commonly shared among associations of all sizes and types. As legacy members age out of the workforce, the membership pipeline needs to be filled with new, prospective members, including young professionals.

While it’s important to offer the programming and benefits that these new members value so they’ll join (and stay), that’s only half the equation.

The Importance of Building Awareness 

Before a new member can even consider joining your organization they first need to: 1. Know you exist; and 2. Understand the value you provide.

In marketing circles, this is known as increasing awareness—something that is generally the responsibility of the marketing team. In reality, everyone in the association—from the conference team to the training and education group—can help build awareness of the organization and start engaging prospective members by leveraging your existing educational content.

Increasing the Reach of Your Association’s Educational Content

Associations have no shortage of valuable content, which is delivered at conferences, in online and in-person training courses, and through member publications.

But, as our two 2019 industry reports highlight, this educational content is being significantly under-utilized. It exists in a closed-loop environment, meaning it only reaches the people who are already attending your events or participating in your programs.

Google is More Important To Association Growth Than You Might Think

Meanwhile, prospective members—in particular, young professionals—are turning to Google to search for ideas, resources, and answers to solve challenges, create opportunities, and connect with peers on both a personal and professional level.

What are they finding? That there are plenty of resources to tap into. Are they finding your association’s content as well? Unfortunately, not as often as they should (or could).

It would appear that associations are being out-resourced and out-marketed by the for-profit organizations in their industries. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. None of these organizations has the volume of quality content that associations do.

But unlike these marketing-driven companies, associations often miss taking just a few simple, but important steps to ensure their content is equally visible across the world wide web.

Learn How to Use Your Content to Grow Your Programs

Omnipress has published a 20-minute on-demand webinar to help association professionals understand why it’s so important that associations take the time to re-package and re-purpose their educational content while providing some extremely practical ideas for how to do this with minimal time and resources, including:

  • How to optimize speaker and course materials for search engines
  • How to re-package existing content into new resources
  • How to promote this content without adding more to your plate

Download and watch the webinar.

Associations are sitting on a goldmine that contains everything you need to engage young professionals and grow your organization. Now, you just use it to your advantage!

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