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According to the latest Association Benchmarking Report, associations believe their top three challenges this year are: communicating member benefits, generating non-dues revenue, and engaging young professionals. All three of these areas are necessary for future growth. Luckily, you are sitting on a wealth of valuable educational content that can be used to fuel this growth.

The Importance of Building Awareness 

Before a new member can even consider joining your organization they first need to:
1. Know you exist; and
2. Understand the value you provide

In marketing circles, this is known as increasing awareness—something that is generally the responsibility of the marketing team. In reality, everyone in the association—from the conference team to the training and education group—can help build awareness of the organization and start engaging prospective members. One of the best ways to do this is by leveraging your educational content.

Increasing the Reach of Your Association’s Educational Content

Education is part of your mission. Between your conferences, training courses, and member publications, associations have an abundance of valuable content that members of your industry need.

The question is… does anyone outside of your association know about it?

Prospective members—in particular, young professionals—are turning to Google to search for ideas, resources, and answers to challenges. What are they finding? That there are plenty of resources to tap into. Are they finding your association’s content as well? Unfortunately, not as often as they should (or could).

Too often, associations are being out-ranked on Google by the for-profit organizations in their industries simply because they miss a few simple but important steps to ensure their content is equally visible on search engine results pages.

Learn How to Use Your Content to Grow Your Programs

Omnipress has published a 20-minute on-demand webinar, Simple SEO Strategies for Associations to help association professionals understand why it’s so important to take the time to re-package and re-purpose their educational content while providing some extremely practical ideas for how to do this with minimal time and resources, including:

  • How to optimize speaker and course materials for search engines
  • How to re-package existing content into new resources
  • How to promote this content without adding more to your plate

Watch the webinar.

Associations are sitting on a goldmine that contains everything you need to engage young professionals and grow your organization. Now, you just use it to your advantage!

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