Conference content is an undeniably important component of your association’s annual meeting. The process can be tedious, though, between abstract collection, working with multiple vendors, and keeping your budget in check.

Another frustration we hear from our customers is the process of preparing materials for print. Formatting and design are part of bringing your valuable content to attendees, but they are, frankly, nobody’s favorite. Done well, however, the result of successful formatting and design can be downright magical!

Thoughtful formatting shines a light on the most important content and helps your attendees focus on reading with intention. The best formatting doesn’t get the attention it deserve—because the content takes center stage.

Wouldn’t it be easier—and better—if you could go from initial abstract submission, to design and formatting, to printed conference program, all with a single company? All along the way, you’d work with the same people, who are committed to helping you solve your association’s challenges at every step.

The Omnipress team is ready to help. Abstract management is the first step—and it’s a multi-step procedure in and of itself. Once all of your accepted papers are uploaded to the abstract management system, the Omnipress team can extract the content and begin crafting an attractive, impactful conference program. Internal communications between our project managers on different systems, along with your account manager, streamline this process with few, if any, extra steps on your end.

After they finish the formatting and the draft is approved by your association, Omnipress project technicians work with the production team to get your programs produced. We’ve been printing association content since the 1970’s, so you can rest assured that your project will be handled by seasoned professionals who understand the needs of organizations like yours. Tight deadlines are typical for us, for example, because they are for you.

Let Omnipress take care of content for your association’s annual meeting, from start to finish, and you’ll learn how much easier it can be to work with one vendor for abstract management, design, formatting, and conference printing. You can also explore digital options that we offer: online conference materials, USBs, CDs, and conference apps.

To learn more about the conference printing process, which is just as magical as the formatting component, read our white paper: Printing Your Conference Content.

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