slapband USBs for conferencesTime to decide what to include in the swag bag for your next annual meeting? The Event Manager Blog presents some considerations in a recent article, Event Swag: From Drag to Brag in Four Steps by Shawna McKinley.

We believe that as far as giveaways go, you can’t do better than a USB chock-full of valuable conference content. If that USB is presented in a creative way, all the better.

Omnipress can set you up with fun options. Imagine how well a USB that looks like a syringe would go over at a medical conference, for example, or how a flash drive that resembles a gavel would amuse attendees of a legal association’s annual meeting.

Other non-standard USBs that would work for any conference: a pen-style USB and the slap band USB. For memorable, useful giveaways, custom USBs deliver.

A custom USB’s beauty is more than skin deep; its true value comes in delivering your association’s conference content to attendees. The abstracts, papers, and handouts are well-organized and searchable. The USB is brandable, so your association’s logo can grace the giveaway, keeping your association top of mind.

Beyond looking great and providing value, custom USBs fit all four of the criteria mentioned in the Event Manager Blog post:

  1. Is the item needed? Content is an essential component of your conference. Even if everything runs according to plan logistically, a lack of quality content will have attendees considering whether it was worth it to come to the annual meeting when it’s time to register next year. Is quality content— delivered on a convenient, highly-portable USB—needed? Absolutely!Customized USB
  2. Is the focus on the attendee (not the giver)? Attendees will appreciate a giveaway they can use, and especially one that supports the professional development they came to the conference to experience. The focus remains on the attendee, not on the association, when you deliver knowledge on a flash drive. Check!
  3. Do you like what the swag says about your organization? A USB says that your association stands for providing attendees with the latest, best information available in the industry. It says that your association understands that it’s content that attendees crave, not a stress ball or keychain that will ultimately end up in the trash.
  4. Does it fill an emotional connection as well as a practical need? This is where custom USBs come into play. Whether your content is on a USB that looks like a surfboard to celebrate a meeting in California or it looks like a tape measure, to the delight of the real estate agents at your conference, a customized flash drive speaks to the heart. Incorporating something that reminds them of their profession or memories from this particular conference is more than just whimsical; it’s a subtle nod to the importance of their career and your association’s part in furthering it.

Improve your swag game: Offer custom USBs at your next conference! Get in touch with one of our conference content specialists. We’d love to discuss the best fit for your association and send you a sample!

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