Dan's Corner with Director of Training and Publications Dan Loomis

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I’m excited to announce that we are conducting ‘The State of Continuing Education Content’ survey again this year. If you are responsible for training or continuing education programs for an association, we want to hear from you! Please take just a couple of minutes and complete the short survey.

This is the 4th year in a row that we will be using your survey responses to compile ‘The State of Continuing Education Industry’ report, which will be released in January. The report provides a glimpse into how your colleagues are developing and implementing educational programs.

But before we can produce the report, we need your input! Please do so today!


Video Transcription

Do you ever wonder what other associations are doing for their continuing education programs? Me too!


I’m Dan Loomis, I’m the Director of Training and Publications here at Omnipress. We’re conducting a survey and would love to have some of your input. This is our fourth year of doing it, so we ask questions like, What’s happening with your instructor-led training? What about the printed materials? What about online? How are things changing, how do you see things changing in the future?


And at the end, we put together a great comprehensive report that you can have access to and you can see what your colleagues are doing.


I think it’s fantastic, so we’d really appreciate it if you could just grab a cup of coffee, take a few minutes and help your colleagues out to give everyone an idea of what’s happening in the association continuing education realm. And then we’ll send you the results when we’re done. Thank you!


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