How much time does your association staff spend locating and counting training manuals? What if they spend that time on mission-critical work instead?

Your staff resources are critical and always in short supply. Reclaim the time lost on inventory and fulfillment by working with a vendor partner you trust to get the job done right—without having to do it yourself.

Besides the fact that counting boxes is no fun, it’s the type of skill best left to those who do it regularly. Whether you have two titles or 200, it helps to work with a company that can handle inventory on your behalf. If that company also prints course books and other training materials, and fulfills orders from learners, all the better.

Your association’s mission probably has to do with education, training, or professional development. In order to best fulfill that commitment, it helps to clear the minutia from your to-do list. That leaves your staff the freedom and resources to focus on priorities that have a clear, direct impact on your mission as leaders in your field.

It’s easy to think that a few dozen—or even a couple hundred—boxes around your office is no big deal. It doesn’t take that much time to pack and ship boxes, and occasionally do a rough count.

But any time you’re not serving the mission and purpose of your association is time that could be better spent. Moreover, it’s likely that the staff is spending more time doing these tasks than you may realize.

Maximize staff efficiency and move your training program to the center of your staff’s attention and workload. When you work with a single-source solution like Omnipress, you will alleviate many of the burdens on staff time that you might not have even known were a problem to begin with.

If you struggle with allocating staff time and who doesn’t, consider how your program could benefit by recouping time spent on fulfillment and inventory. Then reach out to Omnipress and get the conversation started.


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