Note: Last week, we discussed the issue of time as it relates to inventory management. You can read that article here.

Though on Sunday we turn our calendars to February, it’s not too late to establish some better habits for 2015. Many people resolve to better manage their time. This sometimes takes the shape of work/life balance, but it makes sense to take control of how you spend your time on the job as well.

Eliminating unnecessary or redundant tasks can help streamline your workday. If you work with a printer for your training materials that also handles fulfillment, taking on that work yourself is somewhat redundant.

Sure, you may save a few bucks. But the hoops you’ll need to jump through to teach yourself and your staff how to manage shipping, especially if multiple locations are used or international shipping is required, will make you wonder if it’s worth the savings.

If your years on this earth that taught you anything, it’s that there are experts in every activity you can imagine. Omnipress employs several experts in shipping and fulfillment. In fact, the average number of years with the company of Omnipress production team members is a whopping 20! With that much time invested, most of them certainly qualify as experts.

Your expertise, on the other hand, is likely in a different skill set altogether. To maximize your time in the office, focusing on your strengths is key. If packing boxes and handling shipping is indeed your strong suit, perhaps you’re in the wrong line of work. It’s much more likely, though, that you view order fulfillment as a have-to-do, not a love-to-do.

According to Dr. Rebecca Keller, CEO and Founder of Gravitas Publications, “I didn’t get into the game to get good at fulfillment. Life is short! We really don’t get that much time, so why waste it packing up books?”

Working with Omnipress gave Dr. Keller the time she needed to build her business. “I didn’t have a big enough vision to know what this would look like off my plate and how much it would free me up. Omnipress is really allowing me to see my dreams and my vision fulfilled.”

If that is the kind of fulfillment you’d like to see for your association in 2015, it’s time to think about outsourcing print, fulfillment, and inventory management of your training materials.

For more information on Dr. Keller’s story, read the case study or listen to one of Omnipress’ podcast episodes that feature her as a special guest. (You can enjoy Real-Science-4-Kids Outsourcing Case Study, Print Books Build Better Brains, or both.)

Make 2015 the year you get real about time management! The first step is recognizing how and where your time is not being optimized and take action to correct it. Order fulfillment might not be the best use of your talent and resources, but it’s someone’s specialty, and you’ll find that Omnipress is just the partner you need to make positive changes in your day-to-day life.

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