ASAE Annual Survival Tips


Large tradeshows like ASAE Annual can be daunting if you don’t have a good game plan going in. Follow the advice of our experienced Omnipress staff and you’ll be able to tackle the event like an Expo Pro!

Tradeshow Tips Infographic

Do you have any tips that have helped you navigate the ASAE Annual event? What advice do you have for other association professionals making their first trip to the big event? If you have some helpful tips, let us know in the comments below!

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Title: ASAE Annual Survival Tips
Intro: Handle ASAE Annual like a pro with these tradeshow tips from Omnipress!

“Write down your ah-ha notes! This way you will have a full listing of your personal takeaways”
      – Bob, Senior Sales Representative, Conference
“Ditch the work clothes when you travel or go to dinner. That way, you can literally shed the chaos of the tradeshow at the end of the day.”
Matt, Sales Representative, Conference
“The only tip that matters is ‘Wear comfortable shoes!’”
Janel, Sales Representative, Training
“Bring two pairs of comfortable shoes and wear them on alternate days.”
Tracy Gundert, Director of Fulfillment

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“Do your homework ahead of time and find which vendors can efficiently check multiple things off your tradeshow to-do list!”
Rob, Director of Shared Services
“All work and no play makes tradeshows hard to enjoy! Try to participate in pre-show fun runs and networking events.”
Dan, Product Director of Fulfillment Services
“Wear your camouflage suit so that you can be stealthy, and talk to only those that you want to talk to.”
Nick Burke, Director of Sales

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