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Destination: ASTD International Conference and Expo in Dallas, TX

Journal Entry: Day 2, Denver
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The second day of our journey to ASTD took us somewhere near Denver, CO. Tony and I have decided to set up camp at the base of the Rocky Mountains, pondering if there’s a compelling reason to cross over the Great Continental Divide.

The Great Continental Divide

Today more than ever, organizations are faced with many uncertainties about the best methods for delivering their continuing education content. Is Instructor-Led Training (ILT) still effective? Should we be expanding our course offerings to better leverage online and mobile technology?

It’s important to make a decision about the future delivery of your continuing education content. In my opinion, making a poor decision is better than not deciding at all. Failing is a part of the learning process. All we can do is try not to make it catastrophic disaster.

3 Questions to Ask Your Organization:

These questions will help you corral your thoughts and get you moving forward with a decision, and hopefully nudge you in the direction of a good one. When answering, don’t think about technology and what is or isn’t possible. Try to answer each question in one or two sentences.

  1. On a scale of 1-10, how would your learners rate their overall experience?
  2. What is the one thing your organization can do to best improve the learner experience?
  3. Does your organization have the budget to do something about it? I admit, this is something of a trick question.

As we know, crossing the great continental divide was no easy feat for the Old West cowboys. Making decisions about the direction of your organization may feel similar. Just like the cowboys, though, your organization may need to make bold moves to win the rodeo, or risk riding off into the sunset, no longer relevant to learners.


It’s time for Tony and I to get some rest; we’ve got a big decision to make tomorrow.

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