It’s hard to believe that it’s already time for the March edition of Omnipresence! As the weather outside gets warmer and the days get longer, for those planning spring conferences, the deadlines are getting noticeably shorter.

Every one of us here at Omnipress knows this can be a hectic time of year for meeting planners. If you need materials printed for your spring conference, it’s not too late for us to get it printed, packed and shipped to your event. How can I be so confident we can meet your conference printing deadline? Watch the video to find out!



If you’re a conference planner getting ready for your spring meeting, we’re here for you.

What we provide at Omnipress is we provide that 40 years of experience and over 30,000 meetings that we have produced materials for. And we know that it’s more than just taking a print-ready file, putting ink on paper and binding it and getting it to the conference.

We work on tight deadlines, because we know everything is a tight deadline. So we structured our whole business around that. From our project managers working with you on a schedule that fits your needs, to our project techs being able to turn a proof quickly, to our production team being able to take those print-ready materials and move them through our shop and get them to your meeting on time.

Everyone here is passionate about what we do. We work with over 500 associations per year and we understand meetings and how they work and our project managers don’t just take your materials and produce them for you, we’re here to help. So if you have questions for us, we will give you suggestions on how you can do things differently, how you can do things a little bit better, based on the experiences that we’ve had with our other customers.


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Omnipress delivers educational content for associations and other organizations. Digital and print solutions for in-person, virtual, and hybrid conferences and training programs.

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