Everywhere you look in December, you see Top 10 lists of quality information, entertainment and more from 2013. These lists ask you to look back (though not too far) and evaluate what you’ve done and seen–and what you might have missed out on–in the past year.

It’s an interesting exercise that allows you to catch up on recent movies or albums of note. These lists make it fun and easy to fill your evenings and weekends with the best popular culture had to offer this year.

But what about during your 9-to-5? Where can you find the best content your industry has to offer from the past year or, better yet, the last decade? How can your association fill this need for members, to catch up on the best of 2013 in your industry?

A digital publishing platform has you covered! When you build a searchable archive of association content from the past year or the past 20 years, you give members a valuable resource that will satisfy the catch-up, learn-more mentality many of us adopt at the end of a calendar year.

So, without further ado, Omnipress’ own Top 10 list (in no particular order):

Top 10 Reasons to Publish Your Association Content Online

  1. Searchability: Full-text and faceted search take you deep inside proceedings to pinpoint the document you’re looking for quickly and easily.
  2. Findability: Help young professionals and non-members find your association. When you publish content online, search engines like Google and Bing can find it.
  3. Subscription Management: Lockdown or open up access to your content, however you choose. Make full access into a membership benefit or offer it only for a fee. It’s up to you!
  4. AMS Integration: Especially helpful if you’re managing subscriptions and eCommerce, integration with your AMS or registration system eliminates worries about duplicate entries.
  5. My Library: Just like the library of professional and business books in a member’s office, the online library can offer personalized selections. And just like the highlighted, dog-eared pages of favorite volumes on the shelf, notes can be taken in a virtual library.
  6. Analytics: Collect information about which content is most often viewed by members and you’ll have a better idea of what they want to read about, talk about and discuss at next year’s conference. Actions speak, and this is one powerful tool!
  7. Mobile App Integration: If your members can’t access content on their ever-present phones, you might as well print it on parchment. Tap into the resource they’re always tapping on and your relevance will soar.
  8. Responsive Design: Speaking of reading on phones, isn’t it usually the biggest pain? You squint, flip the phone horizontally, squint some more and pinch-and-expand endlessly. End the madness. With responsive design, your site appears appropriately on any device.
  9. Sharing Widgets: A wise woman once told me that it’s not worth doing something if you can’t share it on Facebook. People are social, and sharing is the stamp of approval. Make sure members have the opportunity to recommend your association’s content.
  10. User-Friendly Administrative Portal: While digital publishing has benefits for your members, it shouldn’t be a pain for you. Omnipress gives you an intuitive, no-coding-required interface to make publishing content online easy for you and useful for members.

There’s more to learn (and love!) about taking your association content online. Download our whitepaper, Putting Your Content to Work: A Formula for Success in an Evolving Digital World. Wishing you all the best in 2014!

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