How do your 2011 predictions of meeting trends match up with the industry?

Reading through a few different web sites boasting the top meeting trends for 2011, I’ve pulled out some common findings and provided my point of view.

  1. Mobile Access – Making your web content mobile friendly for attendees should be a given going forward. This doesn’t mean you should do everything. Educational content, customized program agendas, interaction with other attendees and polls are just a few things to name. Know your audience and what they want. Maybe it’s survey time to learn more about your member needs. Check your Google analytics statistics. And, just observe your attendees at your meetings. iPhones, iPads and Android smart phones are taking over.
  2. Green Meetings – According to these sites below, green meetings are back. Green meetings was once a trendy topic in 2008 and 2009. However, it seemed to lose momentum in 2010 when budgets and focus to shifted other initiatives when dealing with the recession. Will it surface in 2011?
  3. Hybrid/Virtual Meetings – How do you reach a massive audience? Take your event and turn it virtual. Obviously, you can’t replace the value of face-to-face interaction and learning, but technology exists (hint: it has for a while). EventCamp Twin Cities really brought light to hybrid meetings and organizations are seriously embracing this style of meeting format. How you design your meeting format for this technology takes some deep thinking. You must balance budgets, access, adoption, etc. And don’t forget, build your community online well before you launch your hybrid event.
  4. Social Media for Events – For a few years, organizations were trying to determine “if” social media was to be part of the meeting strategy. In 2010 it was “how” and the prediction for 2011 is “doing it.” Social media isn’t a fad. It doesn’t replace traditional marketing and engagement, but consider it solid leg in your marketing and attendee engagement strategies. Need more on social media for events? You might dive into Engage365, our community of 1000+ strong as they discuss and share social media knowledge.

Sources for Top Meeting Trends for 2011

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