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A Recap of our journey to the ASTD International Conference and Expo in Dallas, TX

If you followed our adventure blog to ASTD last week, you know that we didn’t get to Dallas via a straight line or ”as a crow flies,” as they say. We left from Wisconsin and headed south. At one point we found ourselves in California, a far cry from Dallas. The correlation we were attempting to make is that our crazy path from Wisconsin to Texas is similar to the path you may find your organization taking as you decide whether to change the delivery method of your CE materials. When you discuss adding an online component or mobile format to ILT event with printed workbooks, you may find that the answers don’t always come easy. At times, you may experience that your discussions get off track, you lose focus, and you’re confused and left wondering what to do next.

Have you ever feel that way? If so, you may be interested in reading our blog adventure. Below is a recap of each blog and the decision point in changing your CE content.

ASTD Blog Adventure

Day #1 – We learned something from our run-in with the Native Americans. This represents association’s strong desire to learn from other associations, as well as industry leaders.

Day #2 – Tony and I tried to decide whether or not to cross the Great Continental Divide. Likewise, you should carefully consider how to offer your CE content. What are learners asking for?

Day #3 – Midway through the trip, we considered the budget, learning to distinguish true gold from fool’s gold. We recommend starting with implementing small, effective changes – LISTEN, DO, CHANGE.

Day #4 – We met with another Continental Divide, which represents a tough decision. Consider the learner experience, technology, and budget as you move forward with your own challenges.

Day #5 – Nearly upon our destination, we were surprised to be engaged in a battle between budget and learning. The solution is compromise – offering a blended learning CE delivery.

As always, keep Omnipress in mind when you have a CE content decision to make. Whether you choose print, digital, or some of both, we can help you provide the appropriate solution for your organization.

Got questions? Leave a comment and we’ll do our best to clarify. In the words of one of the greatest cowboys of all time, Roy Rogers, once sang, “Happy trails to you, until we meet again!”

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